University of Lincoln

Review Breakdown

Move-in Experience
Organisation of Socials
The Events
Value for Money
Freshers' Fair


1 December 2018

Moving into my flat was made quick and easy and I was soon meeting my flatmates and getting to know them. We had the same wristbands for the events so we met with another flat and are still meeting up with them to go out months later. Freshers fair in the day were good and easy to find. Induction was easy because of easy to follow instructions and lessons in the week to get settled into the university. Overall, university has been really fun since I started in September.

1 December 2018

Moving in was really smooth and everyone had time to get their stuff in while not being to long to make others wait long to get theirs in after. Also the events were really good and introduced everyone to what's on, who everyone is and also gave us things to set ourselves up with and help us start university.

1 December 2018

Freshers week was one of the strangest experiences of my life, going out getting drunk with people you don't know and everyone is so welcoming

1 December 2018

The university has been great in helping in every aspect of starting university. The teachers are very good and the course modules are fun. The timings for lectures are also good

30 November 2018

I was lucky to find people in the same block of flats as me that I got along with but there wasn't much help on getting people to do nights out and stuff. Could have done with someone messaging me before and telling me what was where

30 November 2018

The two weeks was full of jam packed fun, my favourite being superbull which I still go to week in week out, spending more of my student loan lol

Betty Palfreman
30 November 2018

Everyone I met was so nice, friendly and welcoming. I made many new friends what I will keep for years and there were many events on to have fun and to help settle down in the new environment

30 November 2018

Events were well organised, so many you could attend!! I had already spoken to other students in my flat and on my course on group chats so meeting new people was not as stressful as I imagined, everyone is in the same boat so no need to worry about "fitting in".

13 July 2018

Freshers week is the best time to meet new people and make friends, there's tons of fun stuff to do.

27 June 2018

Great events and great acts. If honest maybe stick to SU events, however some of the other clubs offer great nights too if you’re up for busy, cheap drinks and making a LOT of friends in the smoking area!

3 May 2018

The university had so many events, parties and opportunities to meet people. There was a lot of fairs to go and was such a fun experience despite not knowing a single person atriving there.

27 April 2018

Wasn't great (night life) -over priced -little music genre variety Okay (activities) - A good choice of activities to chose from each day

22 April 2018

Whilst the line up is usually eminiscent of a 2008 Pop Party CD, prices are good and there's a good range of non SU events.

17 April 2018

the events were good, however the headline acts were rather poor or not of a high calibre. it would have been better if there was acts that were more well known so the venues would have been busier and the night in general more enjoyable.

17 April 2018

I got all the help I needed throughout a very difficult period, there was plenty of information on things to do for nightlife. Also plenty of help to get to know the university.

16 April 2018

Hard to meet people unless you live in shared apartment Joining a sports team or society will help you meet friends quickly Just bring essentials when moving in as you end up buying most things

26 March 2018

Pretty good experience overall. Friendly and welcoming moving in experience that was no hassle. Good organisation of events both for the SU and the other clubs/places in Lincoln. Was able to get a feel of Lincoln and make friends easily and quickly.