The University of Leicester

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Move-in Experience
Organisation of Socials
The Events
Value for Money
Freshers' Fair


2 December 2018

My move in was adequate, although I believe the university would benefit from having more events closer to student accommodation. It seems at times the uni care more about profit than the students enjoyment.

2 December 2018

Freshers week was great this year a lot of security to ensure our safety which is always good. Ques weren't bad early in the evening when i went. Bar staff were amazing, great experience and great music!

Ciara Clarke
2 December 2018

Lasted two weeks long and included travel buses to all events Events were fun apart from Harry Potter night and the music is decent though doesn't have much dnb/ house music. Had other freshers eg Halloween and refreshers also which is good as entrance to clubs are expensive

2 December 2018

Move in was really good and organised Freshers was so good get the wristband! 2 weeks was a killer but still great Good tips would be buy a door stop

2 December 2018

Freshers fair had a lot of events both night and day gave a lot of useful information registered to the gp how to get a job etc and the night there was a bus to help with travel was generally great

1 December 2018

My move-in experience was great. Student ambassadors were helpful in giving tips and revealed many events happening. The friendliness of the people in Uni was solidified when a student ambassador knocked on my door room every month to ask how things are getting on and to give a small treat (chocolate, sweets, etc). The events during freshers week were varied. Different types of events for people with various music types were happening, allowing the chance of meeting new people. A tip that I should have listened to and would emphasise to people starting Uni is to go out and have fun, make the most of your time and to say 'hi' to anyone as one of the things I've learnt is that everyone is open to talk.

1 December 2018

What a brilliant week! Rockstar promotions put on an event every day for two weeks and the tickets were very cheap plus medical student have a freshers week before the normal freshers so they can get to know everyone on their course. Each night out has a different theme to it which is great and you get lots of freebies like t-shirts, bags, doughnuts and coffee which was great.

1 December 2018

I was really excited as a new university university student and was looking forward to the freshers week. The university had alot of freshers events piled up during the week. Also the societies and clubs at the university were very diverse and large in numbers, each with their own uniqueness. The fresher parties were also amazing. My accomodation induction was slightly not as i thought it to be with less socials around the corner. But overall it was a great experiance.

1 December 2018

An amazing chance to meet new people from all around the UK and the world and to experience incredible nightlife

1 December 2018

Freshers goes on for 2 weeks in Leicester which is nice, you don't feel like you're going to miss out on the Freshers experience as there's always something going on. DO NOT buy the Freshers wristband. When I bought it 2 years ago, it was about £55 and I used it twice, which would've cost me about £10. Unless you're going out every single night, which you won't, don't do it. Fresher's fair is nice too, the societies fair is very in your face and awkward but the free stuff that companies give out is GREAT.

Michael Smith
3 July 2018

Fresher's Week was a good experience that reinforced my belief that I had chosen the right university. Fresher's Fair was excellent. It was extremely easy to sign up to clubs and societies and to try things out. There was also a number of excellent induction events within my department (criminology).

1 July 2018

Freshers allowed us to improve our relationships with our flatmates and make new friends before our course started. It improved the first few weeks at uni when you are to miss home most.

22 June 2018

Freshers week had some good events on, and it was well marketed which made it easy to know which events you wanted to go to and which you didn’t. Freshers fair also gave you some good discounts on things like dominos pizza and gym memberships.

17 June 2018

Loved it great way to discover the ink and meet new people the societies fair was my best bit so I could see what clubs were on offer and which ones I wanted to join get introduction to student life and the university

9 June 2018

The move in experience was smooth and easy. It was easy to get settled in. The Freshers fair have you so much choice and it was good that it was over 2 days so you got a chance to check out everything

6 June 2018

Freshers week was one of the most eventful and rememerable events produced by the university of Leicester. I was happy with my move in and luckily I got on with my flat mates very very well. The freshers fair was very helpful and made me decide to join societies like streetdance and basketball. I feel the inductions could be more suited to the students needs about the university, for example have more information about where all the different rooms are on campus. The freshers week wristband event was the most rememberable event and definitely the highlight of freshers week. Overall, freshers week was a very good experience.

5 June 2018

My move in experience was very pleasant, this was because of a combination of excitement and the fact that I was moving into a luxury student accommodation - it was exciting figuring out were to put what and making every thing look nice as well as looking forward to getting to know my flat mates. The events were organised very well, queues were limited giving the circumstance of how many people were going, they were also super fun and good vibes. I’m quite a social person so meeting new people was not a problem, everyone was so friendly that even for introverts, meeting new people wouldn’t be a problem. My tip would be just put yourself out there, have lots of fun, you only do uni once so make the most of it and indulge yourself in all the activities.

5 June 2018

Freshers was one of the best weeks ever. When you move in there’s a cute freshers pack with info about the events and a few essentials such as energy drinks and marmite the actual events are fun and there’s a good variety: from BBQs, fairs, to your traditional party/club night. Everyone is super friendly as you’re all in the same boat and it’s genuine good vibes

29 April 2018

Freshers week is amazing! The chance to meet new and old friends, everyone comes together to have a good time

28 April 2018

Had a smooth move in process. The events were definitely the highlight. A great mix of different things to get involved with. Great parties

15 April 2018

Not great! Bought a wristband for sixty pounds, just to find out that welcome party was the only decent event out of all fourteen nights. I think they could do a lot better with new people and new planners in the committee and changing their events and themes.

11 April 2018

The events at Leicester’s freshers went on for 2 weeks straight and they were insane! I met my mates I have now there and I wouldn’t change it! The events are different everyday so it doesn’t get boring and it was fun dressing up for some of them! Fancy dress bar crawls were definitely the best.

8 April 2018

A huge variety of events Moving in was easy with a lift in the building and parking available. Introduce yourself to everyone! And go out as much as possible to meet as many people as poss.

2 April 2018

Moving to uni wasn’t a big change for me, I was used to moving around, moving schools and meeting new people. But I was surprised when on my first night after moving in and going out with my block to the first uni rave. I ended up back in my bed at 2am crying. I don’t even remember why, but I cried myself to sleep. The rest of freshers was fun, refreshing. Loads of free goodies, fun and events and everyone was extremely friendly.