University of Hertfordshire

Review Breakdown

Move-in Experience
Organisation of Socials
The Events
Value for Money
Freshers' Fair


16 December 2018

Moving in was smooth. Campus is easy to figure out. Going out was fun for the first 2 events, there's Monday's which is atwu which is catered to people interested in urban/rap/drill/r&b music and cheekys which has two floors of music catered to everyone (each event each Wednesday has a new theme). There's only one club on campus/near campus. Pretty boring in the sense that the only exploring of clubs you can do is go out to London or surrounding towns like Watford (pryzm/hydeout 2.0). Overall a typical uni rave scene. Gets boring eventually, just make good friends and memories and you'll love it.

15 December 2018

Had a great time, made loads of new friends and settled in pretty quickly. Wasn't too sure about going out and the night life but all my flat mates are really friendly and made the whole experience barable. Also the friends I made on Facebook before uni really helped.

15 December 2018

overall the whole experience was pretty poor. the uni freshers fair was barely a fair and didn't have information. moving in was a nightmare. the inductions were useful but way too long so pointless

15 December 2018

Overall the week was great, a great mix of event that catered to a whole wide range of people. The music and staff were great and the venue. The only thing is drink prices, they aren't really 'students prices. I think the cheaper they are the more people will buy them.

14 December 2018

Great move in experience with lots of help. Opportunities to meet new people were constant which made it an overall eased situation. Events were very good, well organised and made meeting people easier.

21 June 2018

You arrive at campus and the atmosphere is buzzing, you are directed towards your accommodation by a friendly freshers angel who helps you move your mountain of luggage into your room. You are nervous and excited out at the same time, ready to start your new adventure. You are greeted by the first of your flat mates, who turns out to be friendlier than expected and in that moment all your nerves seem to disappear. Time to explore the campus and visit the freshers fair; their are tonnes of stalls which are overcrowded by swarms of students. The energy is amazing, music is blasting out of the speakers, there is a rodeo bull and some small rides. You can't wait to sign up for all the cool societies (of which you will mostly never end up going to) and the crazy nightlife events at the Forum. Let your new chapter begin ! Tips: Be open, be social, explore and most importantly have fun. You are only a fresher once so make the most of it! P.S: Relax and smile, there is nothing to be anxious about. You will see :)

16 June 2018

the nightlife is good but the venue always oversells tickets and it’s too overcrowded. The acts that are shown are always very good and you make a lot of friends.

12 June 2018

There really is something for everyone. From club nights to pub quizzes to bar crawls, there are activities in the day and night

6 June 2018

Amazing experience! 7 nights out in total and i went to them all with my house mates, the uni had many guest singers and themes throughout the week! Would definitely reccomend going to freshers (even if you are third year!)

6 June 2018

moving in was really easy and we had a lot of help from student volunteers which made the process less stressful. The events for the week were really good and use of different venues, heloed with getting familiar with the area. only went out with my flat mates together for one night as noone seemed to get a long but because I knew people at the university it was not a big issue but still not great as we had to live together. It waa very easy to meet new people at the events and prior because of the facebook groups that were made, especially for those living in halls so noone felt alone and could attend events with others which was very useful.

5 June 2018

Very good. Nice freshers week. Well organized. Move in was easy and quick. Lots of people to help. Clubs are nice. You can buy the pass if you want to go out every day. You will meet lots of new people and best is interacting with them. Go and make the first conversation

5 June 2018

Good selection of events but expensive and not well timed around induction week. The club is nice and has a good selection of music, but service at the bar is not great and other than then club at the uni (Forum) there is no nightlife to speak of in Hatfield itself. The closest decent club is in Watford, a 40 minute bus ride away.

28 April 2018

The forum was a great venue, major artists would perform at least once a month, worth the money each time

26 April 2018

Lots of activities and freebies!! Nights out were a little repetitive. The move in was so straight forward and there was lots of help and guidance available. I had so much fun meeting my flatmates and experiencing new found freedom.

22 April 2018

Fresher’s week at my uni was complete! It had everything for everyone and it had a great vibe. Wish it lasted longer.

20 April 2018

There wasn’t enough black events only one urban event. Tip for students is to be confident, leave room door to show your socialable. And talk to everyone. Try and go to every event and join clubs, unions etc. Make sure you talk to your flat mates, if you don’t know anyone at the uni already these will be your first friends until you meet your course friends or sports club friends. Keep the kitchen tidy! No need to argue with the people you live with. Also make sure you can handle your drink, you need to wake up to go to the daytime events such as bbqs and games.

17 April 2018

It was amazing, the wristband for all the freshers events was an amazing idea. A lot of artist were invited.

15 April 2018

Day and night events. Drinks. Socialising. Loud music. Drinks. Drinks. What more do you want? It’s the beginning of uni and everyone is really excited/nervous. Best way to move away from those nerves? Hit the clubs with your flat mates and meet more people! Enjoy the loud music, cheap drinks and dressing up! Unless you don’t come out of your room, you can’t avoid Freshers’ Flu. Continuous drinking, lots of late nights, a fast food diet, stress and anxiety, sharing bathrooms and kitchens – a combination of all these things will undoubtedly lead to Freshers’ Flu (don’t worry, it happens to pretty much everyone). But that’s all part of the fresher’s week experience! Drinking and partying is quite a large part of University culture and it can be really fun. But don’t be that person who has to be carried home from nights out before midnight, or who gets into drunken scraps with people.

10 April 2018

Pros - Freebies - Food/Uni Essentials Bargains as well as clothing bargains, good way to get yourself a uni hoodie for a steal - Wide Range of Socities to join - Nightlife Cons - The Nightlife can seem very repetitive Tips Get yourself out there and don’t be afraid to approach to people, remember you’re all on the same boat!

9 April 2018

Freshers was an experience that was unforgettable. The vibe was amazing and everyone was so welcoming. It’s an easy way of making new friends because no one ones eachother and to defenitly get out of your comfort zone. A tip that i’ll Give is, don’t be scared to go up to people to meet them because everyone is alone like you and wanting to make friends. Don’t wear heels! If you are a girl and make sure to let loose. Also try to get to know your flat mates and make sure to make friends within your flat too. Attend parties outside your university club, go to hall parties because you’ll defo meet people in there. And Snapchat is the key! Everyone will be asking for Snapchat’s within the first week so make sure to give it out because that’s another way of making friends.

9 April 2018

My move in experience at freshers was quick and simple. I had no problem finding my flat and no problem organising my stuff either. The events at freshers were very fun. Meeting new people was easy too as everyone was very sociable and I still hang around with those same people today. Useful tips for new students are: just be very sociable and you’ll get far.

30 March 2018

Overall move in is a pleasant experience! Lots of helpers and staff on hand to make move in easier. There are lots of events to go to! Not just drinking but other things if your not into to it!

30 March 2018

Lots of helpers, events every night/day, pleasant moving in experience. Lot of staff on hand to make the move from home to uni more easier.