Review Breakdown

Resources and Equipment
Organisation & Communication
Enjoyment Factor
Social Experience
The Committee
Value for Money


16 November 2018

One of the biggest societies at the uni. The best socials and also great value ski trips. Lots of Exetaaahhh individuals here.

19 March 2018

Fun sociable club, lots of regular trips to practice in England and two big ski trips to the alps. Good value too

19 November 2017

Fantastic committee. Loads going on. Great group of people and not cliquey. One of the biggest societies on campus and not like the other AU clubs as it does not have an overeaching heirachy. Do socials, fresher socials, freestyle trips and race trips. You can get as little or as much involved in the club as you want.

19 November 2017

Snowsports is amazing it teaches those who can ski to shred. Very welcoming committee who organise 2 amazing trips each year, which are too good to miss!

18 November 2017

Absolutely the best society there could possibly be. Amazing trips, sublime socials, great people... the list goes on.

18 November 2017

It has the best events in the uni and is really inclusive. It has great equipment for racing with a great coach and loads of trips as well.

17 November 2017

There’s endless things to be said about the greatness of snow sports. It dominates the scene, with their gnarly socials to their steezy park sessions. They don’t judge on a ability but on passion.