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22 December 2018

Everyday you'd wake up and never know where you'd end up. You meet dozens and dozens of new people, from all over, all in the same situation as you. You might end up with a group of people you don't end up really connecting with, it's fine, it's Freshers Week you have the time to meet all kinds of people, and this is especially made easy thanks to all that's going on: the societies the events the socials. It helps ease you into the next few years of your life with lots of hope and optimism

22 December 2018

More should be done to intergrate students. I think there should be a campus hub (the lemon grove) improved, as then all freshers come together and can pre on campus, and know exactly where everyone will be. We were all Mis sold random wristbands for clubs around town that have never become a part of our uni experiences. I just don't think enough is done to allow students to mix with others.

22 December 2018

Made it hard to meet people as not many social events Mostly sport events which are daunting for first years to go to on your own No social events for the st davids accomodation which made it hard Freshers wristband waste of money if no other flat mates have a wristband

22 December 2018

It was very expensive for what you got , especially the freshers ball. We had to pay £25 for an event that was just in our uni canteen. There wasn't many decoration and there were certain things promised that weren't there. They did have a random shisha bar that was pretty cool though it was just very over priced.

22 December 2018

It was good. I really enjoyed all the societies on campus. They have our free stash which was nice and I got to know loads of people

21 December 2018

The music was good but the bulk buy tickets for freshers promised a full moon party, a circus themed night etc and all we had was some glow sticks and some balloons. It didnt seem very well planned and I felt like the money I paid for the ticket wasn't worthwhile. The lemon grove used to be great but I don't think they're putting nights on any more which is a shame (I graduated this year for reference)

21 December 2018

Fresher week was a very important part of moving to university, especially from a different country. I got to get close to people and meet my course mates in the induction day. The tickets events were very har to truste as they could be not official which made it expensive to go to all the events. Some events were completely dead while others were too packed.

20 December 2018

Don't get freshers wristband as you end up only going to about 2 of the events. Get talking to your flat mates early on and do something together the first night. Don't go to any introduction lectures unless you want to meet people on your course. Don't phone home every day.

20 December 2018

Really good move-in experience, got on really well with my flat mates and a very easy, stress-free process

9 July 2018

Freshers week is such a fun time at Exeter with activity tasters, socials, info fairs (with freebies), and freshers club nights running all week. My advice is to get involved with as much as possible, try out as many activities as you have time for and if you’re worried about going to something alone remember that everyone else is feeling the same and it’s just another chance to make friends!

6 July 2018

Such an amazing experience daunting at first but amazing how quick you bond. You find people so quick and it's amazing what a week can do to make friends when you're all in the same situation!!!

Emily Gilford
12 June 2018

Freshers week was well organised, with a great variety of events and fairs. Events were reasonably priced, and even after freshers week, student nights are well advertised and cheap!

Cara Brookes
17 April 2018

There is a wide variety of events during freshers week at Exeter, however some are on the expensive side. A wristband is sold including all events however I would wait and speak to your new housemates to find out which ones they are going to as it could be a waste of money! Meeting your new flat is great and not to be worried about. Pack everything you think you could possible need as I always realised I had forgotten things as the weeks went on. Relax and enjoy!

15 April 2018

The Welcome Team students do a really great job of helping the move in process and answering any questions at first. They’re really friendly and can help make sure you get your bearings and have met your flat mates. After that I found there were loads of events running throughout the week, you just have to really make the effort to go to them and talk to people. The nights out were great fun and I had a really good week.

8 April 2018

Well Exeter is not the most well known for its night life, however there are a few good clubs for each night of the week and you change the full flavour of what nights to attend during freshers! Monday night DSP is always a great way to kick of the week and Tuesday salsa night at tp is also pretty good. Freshers week also has many day time activities to be a part of, freshers fair will have you signing up for all the sports you won’t attend during the year but still have a membership too and all the trail sessions of the sports will help you meet new friends! My favourite freshers night out was Friday night of course, TP top top is where I ended up and it did not disappoint

5 April 2018

Fairly good fun but a lack of good events and high profile names. It was easy to get into my accommodation and settled in very well. The routine was easy to get in to. The value for money isn’t great but Exeter is quite expensive in general so tha isn’t really surprising.

3 April 2018

Freshers week was amazing although tickets for everything were overpriced. a great place to meet loads of new people and get you used to the uni lifestyle!

30 March 2018

The freshers’ week in Exeter is amazing. The campus is really busy during this period and you can get a lot of free stuff which could help you for the whole year (discount, free food, free entry into night clubs). Also, there are a lot of parties. It is always good to meet new people.

28 March 2018

The overall experience was good, though the actual nightlife within Exeter is average at best, this relfected on Freshers week.

26 March 2018

Good cheap nights at unit 1 on Thursdays, the new club fever is one of the best in town. Moving in was easy with our spare room, a summer storage company that delivers to your doorstep.

26 March 2018

I met so many new friends and had a great time with the sheer amount of things on offer. The events were really varied and I didn't have any trouble finding things to do.

24 March 2018

The Freshers club nights were appalling. Small locally owned bars got some offers for freshers nights, not been back to them since. Deffo recommend finding the best clubs yourselves (FEVER) and going out with societies and sports clubs to get to have the best nights.

23 March 2018

Move in was great, very friendly students welcoming she a good information pack. The events were not as good however, extremely busy everywhere and wristbands were poorly advertised before arrival. I would say to make sure you meet as many people from different groups and societies soon.