The University of Essex

Review Breakdown

Move-in Experience
Organisation of Socials
The Events
Value for Money
Freshers' Fair


27 December 2018

Move in wasn't as organised as it should have been there was a lot of people all trying to get into a small space. Lots of events on at Freshers though which were great and Freshers fair really showed a variety of societies to join .

26 December 2018

The nightlife was good, could be a bit more cheaper but overall really good! Could be a bit more advertising for the events throughout the week. The website was confusing as it wasn't explained how to get onto certain pages to find out what's on.

26 December 2018

My freshers week started as many do, full of nerves and excitement. I moved in to my accommodation and met my flat mates who were all lovely, we went for drinks in the SU bar which is a perfect bar to hang in, with great prices. I went to the nightclubs and cinema on campus all were amazing and of great quality. I really enjoyed my first freshers week, and by the time class rolled round I wanted to relive it again.

Nahin Farhan
25 December 2018

Wonderful getting hammered, had a fun time as everyone got drunk and was together. Would recommend doing freshers to anyone that goes to university.

25 December 2018

Was a good week packed with lots of nights out and days in, made loads of friends and bonded with flat mates.

24 December 2018

When it was my freshers last year, events every night in multiple venues but this year I found that only One event per night and many tickets sold out very quickly due to this

23 December 2018

Absolutely wonderfull. Everyone is just so nice and freindly. You will definitely make new freinds and some great ones infact. Couldnt recommend enough.

29 June 2018

There is a club on campus called Sub Zero which was a really good way to meet other freshers. It was actually for 2 weeks which was amazing and each night had a different theme with a different genre of music e.g. Ibiza night with house music.

27 June 2018

Moving in is understandably busy but handled very well by the university. However if you live anywhere but bottom floor in South Courts you will possibly be carrying all your stuff up four flights of stairs . Loads of decent events during freshers fortnight some really cheesy acts but more importantly decent drinks deals. Expensive if you want to attend every event though, going to cost you close to £100 just on entry fees!!

15 June 2018

Freshers week in the first year was amazing. I had a great time mixing with lots of different people. However, besides the welcome meeting where we were all in a room and able to mix with others, the uni wasn't really involved in helping us to socialise. There wasn't many activities or things arranged for us to do so we organised it ourselves. It would have been useful having someone show us around, fun places etc to help. However, I still had a great week that I'll never forget.

8 June 2018

Movement was surprisingly easy, they had trolleys and assistance to help to move everything and find the room. Freshers wrek was brilliant. Very active and interactive.

7 June 2018

Move in was good. Freshers was poor with not much happening, freshers fair could have had more happening with more interactive things.

7 June 2018

Move in good. Nothing on at freshers week in Southend campus. Freshers fair was quite poor and needed a better venue and more going on to interact people.

1 June 2018

I enjoyed freshers' week a lot. University provided a lot of fun activities so I could get to know university and new people. I don't drink much, however Uni organised a lot of non-alcoholic events so I had a lot of fun.

13 April 2018

My freshers week was amazing! The uni are very helpful and hold a wristband purchasing event in which you buy the band to grant you access to all the events throughout the week. Meeting times and location are put in the Facebook group (so make sure your on Facebook!) and your set from there!

3 April 2018

It was brilliant. My uni doesn't have student accommodation so I was in contact with my housemates for months so we moved in knowing each other and went to our su straight away for their open mic night which we all took part in. It was great. Then the uni provided us with loads of events like going up to London, table tennis tournaments and movie night. Great freshers!