University of Dundee

Review Breakdown

Move-in Experience
Organisation of Socials
The Events
Value for Money
Freshers' Fair


2 January 2019

Best events and best nightclub! Dundee looks after their students so well in terms of security as well as great events. Prices were good and I feel like I got more than my money's worth

2 January 2019

Meeting students within your course during freshers was made extremely easy through the Dundee University Facebook pages, different themed nights so allowed you to bond better with new friends

2 January 2019

Good range of events on during freshers week, easy move in experience and made friends easily in different flats as well as my own and at the union. Useful tip: don't be afraid to approach new people as everyone is in the same boat.

2 January 2019

Freshers was good as there was lots on every day but could of included a greater variety of music and acts

31 December 2018

Great place to be i cant wait to go again...

30 December 2018

There were lots of good events on at the union, night and day but there was a lot of queuing most of the time

8 July 2018

My move in to halls was completely stress free. At Dundee there is a TA base and the volunteers happily helped to bring my stuff into the flat. The events at freshers was incredible- drag queens, jedward and day time inflatables with a freshers faire made the experience exciting and really easy to bond with your flatmates. My tips for new students would be- do everything. Go out every night and day, enjoy everything the student union has to offer because your first freshers week will be the most memorable.

29 June 2018

Freshers week was great, even if I didn't drink a lot, the activities were great and the music during nights out at DUSA was amazing!

4 June 2018

I found moving into Dundee a fairly easy experience and making friends wasn’t hard at all. There are plenty of opportunities to meet new people in Dundee such as clubs, halls and the Union, all perfect for mixing with other first year students.

18 April 2018

Fresher's Week was great! The nights out were a lot of fun, with special events for the week. Only thing was that if you are not staying in the University Halls then information about fresher's week is not provided. I went down to the Union in the day and found out everything there.

29 March 2018

Great centrally coordinated outreach events by the union. Plenty of reps in halls and across campus to help with move ins. School specific freshers events too, great experience at dundee.

27 March 2018

Very friendly, made a lot of friends. The week as a whole had class nights out. Union is class cheap Bev and friendly staff can't wait for second year freshers. Rugby club was a highlight as that is where I have made majority of my friends. I enjoyed the clubs and society fare which I could pick which sport that I want to do

25 March 2018

Moving to the Uni of Dundee, I had an amazing time at Heathfield halls. The social life and friends I made will stay with my forever. A brilliant experience and memories made.

21 March 2018

I loved Fresher's Week! The events in the Union were amazing and I met so many nice people there, some of them are now my best friends.