University College London

Review Breakdown

Move-in Experience
Organisation of Socials
The Events
Value for Money
Freshers' Fair


11 November 2018

I really enjoyed it. We had a variety of activities. Everybody was really friendly. I like meeting new people. It's best that you try and join as many society's as possible so that you can have the best experience. P

10 November 2018

Move-in experience: I had a relatively calm moving in experience, I am extremely organised so I hustled my family together and we arrived at my accommodation at 8am. Before the rest of my housemates. So that meant I had the first pick of everything ! Haha The events were amazing !! I really got to enjoy the city life!

10 November 2018

It was very fun - all of the events were very different from each other and were very good experiences! I attended all on my wristband and it was a really great experience! I'm glad I went

10 November 2018

The move in experience was great, i was helped out by the staff and provided a bedding pack. Everyone was really friendly. Freshers had great events, with good variety but towards the end everything became quite repetitive.

9 November 2018

absolutely amazing! Had a lot of fun! Don't be shy while approaching people! Everyone is new and wants to make friends. Go to as many events as you can, don't stress!

9 November 2018

The freshers week was very good in UCL I recommaend to everyone to go to the freshers ice breaking and also to fuck it's freshers.

5 July 2018

My experience during fresher's week was incredible. I got so much help moving into my room and I met a lot of wonderful new people. The events organised by my university halls were good at bringing people together and making new friends.

4 July 2018

I stayed in an intercollegiate hall and moving in was very smooth, all the staff were helpful and it was easy to meet fellow students in the events the hall organised and the common rooms. The student's union's fresher's events were mostly club nights which were fun but extremely crowded. There were some other events not centred around alcohol which I preferred because they were better for making friends: I attended the ice cream social and active cinema. The club nights were quite expensive but the other events were free or a reasonable price. The fresher's fair was slightly overwhelming because of the size of it, the number of societies and the crowdedness, but was nonetheless a good introduction to all the societies. However because it was organises in alphabetical order by the time I got to the end of the alphabet I couldn't be bothered to stop at the stands. The course inductions were helpful and we were given the essential information to start our year as well as tips for essay writing. The student mentor system was particularly good as we had someone less intimidating to ask all our questions. Overall my fresher's experience was good, the only thing I would want to change is spending less on clubs and drinks.

28 June 2018

There was limited help for moving in. There was barely any advice with events and my flat was very antisocial

7 June 2018

I stayed in Ian baker which is inside Ramsay Halls. Meeting people is slow during the first day but in the evening there’ll be a party where you’ll be able to meet most of the people in your halls. London freshers is amazing, it lasts for about 4 weeks get wristbands most people have them!

5 June 2018

Good events, made all students feel welcome into the university, especially the international students.

5 June 2018

I moved into UCL Campbell House West in September 2014 where I was greeted by some shy student volunteers. My flat was very silent and there weren't any organised activities that facilitated socialising. Spontaneous ones involved lots of drinking, which I'm not into. Despite never bonding with my flatmates I enjoyed meeting people on my course, and I didn't mind too much a rather clinical housing experience. I found the accommodation to be dirty, including mice in the kitchen. Coming from a European country I was not used to this. I attended parties every day but I thought they were boring, expensive and unpleasant due to the overly packed clubs. I enjoyed the events run by societies better, such as EFS socials. Overall, I consider freshers a week worth experiencing but the fun part of uni life definitely came after.

30 April 2018

There are lots of events that range from clubbing, to drinks on a roof by the fire, to ice cream socials and boat parties, so there’s something for everyone. Also freshers fair is great, you can get lots of freebies and find out what societies are available.

29 April 2018

-UCL didn't advertise their fresher events that well so many people found events to go to themselves -Fresher's Fair was good though very busy

15 April 2018

Moving in is difficult, especially when you move away from home food cooked by mum or living at home surrounded by an entire family. Meeting new people can be intimidating as well, but a useful tip is to get involved in as many societies and activities as possible (not only the clubbing/nightlife) !

15 April 2018

My move in experience was really good and smooth. I was really excited which helped me face any minor inconveniences. I loved my halls right away since it was really nice as it was the Garden Halls. Everyone was honestly really nice, maybe cause it was the beginning but it was so nice meeting so many different people I’ve never experienced before. Honestly the events were super overpriced for what they were but it allowed me to meet people so I can’t complain! I’m haply I went to them and I would definitely note them as fresher essentials. The organisation wasn’t great but it was enough for things to flow smoothly. Freshers as a whole was really tiring and then buzz of it is overhyped but again, it’s essential to making friends and getting into the university vibe.

14 April 2018

When you come to a new city where you don't know anyone and where you will spend the next at least 3 years of your life, you need to start to meet people. There is no better way than meeting people on the pre drinks where everyone starts to open up and you feel you knew the people in your halls since you were 10. And then you go and explore every night a new club which will introduce you to more people. All the different events make the freshers week feel like every day is completly different instead of just a week of going out every night and sleep during the day until you wake up to go to pre drinks again.

4 April 2018

My move in experience was good but my flat in Schafer halls ended up not being very social. I didnt manage to meet many people in my halls, but this could have probably been improved if I put more effort into going out with people outside of my flat. I met most of my friends through societies and I highly recommend this approach for finding like minded people:)

3 April 2018

Yeah it was good , there was a lot to do during the whole shin dig and was a good time.................................................!!!!!!!!!

31 March 2018

I has never experienced something like this before and I started university in an other country before.the idea is good for people to get to know each other better

29 March 2018

Pretty fun events, lots of people went to them, the problem was there were so many different events, difficult to know which one to go to!!

28 March 2018

I really enjoyed the Fresher's Week!Uni proposed many different things to do and it was amazing the weekend during which you can know every society (I loved all of them so much that I wanted to join to all of them!!)

25 March 2018

My freshers week was lots of fun I went out every night and made lots of friends my highlight was dressing up as a pig for a zoo themed club night, getting too drunk not being let in falling asleep amongst some bin bags and having to be taken home after being found by my new flatmate that I had know for a whole 2 days

24 March 2018

Lots of drinking. Pretty crazy events - we even went to France! At two weeks long it maybe was a bit much liver damage.