Yoga (Chester)



The yoga society is great value for money, costing just £15 for the whole accademic year! The equipment is good quality, however at times (depending on the size of the class) there is not always enough equipment for everyone to use. For example sometimes there aren’t enough bands for everyone. It is definitely advisable to bring your own yoga mat for hygiene reasons. The organisation of the yoga society is ok. However sometimes it is not advertised that clearly what times the classes start on some weeks. For example one week I turned up to find that the time had changed. They do put most information on their Facebook page. It’s just a case of remembering to check. The yoga standard is great. The instructor is amazing and I love her style of teaching. Great energy there. I’m not particularly sure as to the social side of the club as I’m not a very social person. But I think they have some events. I enjoy how relaxed the yoga makes me feel. It’s great for mental health, physical health and psychological wellbeing. It’s welcoming to all types of people. With all abilities. The room is sometimes pretty cold which makes it difficult to concentrate. Overall the club is great and I enjoy it.