Review Breakdown

Resources and Equipment
Organisation & Communication
Enjoyment Factor
Social Experience
The Committee
Value for Money


Erin Gilbey
17 September 2018

Muay Thai Boxing Society has a really welcoming comittee and seems to be expertly organised. The instruction is professional without being intimidating. The socials are fun, as well.

16 March 2018

A really inclusive club with a welcoming committee. Instructor clearly knows what he’s doing and loves it. Would recommend to anyone interested in martial arts or looking to get fit.

16 March 2018

Really inclusive club with an awesome committee. Bob, the instructor, clearly know she what he is doing and takes pride in it. Would recommend to anyone interesting in martial arts or just getting fit.

13 March 2018

Really welcoming Martial Arts Society with a very experienced instructor. I joined up to learn some self-defence and to get free fit but ended up getting really into it and now I go 3 times a week and sometimes compete at weekends.

20 January 2018

The instructors knowledge is second to none and the dedication shown by the committee is consistent. The sessions are fun and interesting, and you learn a lot