Review Breakdown

Resources and Equipment
Organisation & Communication
Enjoyment Factor
Social Experience
The Committee
Value for Money


10 April 2018

Joining Brumsurf was the best decision I made in my first year at Uni. The committee were very welcoming and I made lots of close friends very quickly. There are socials every week, which enable you to catch up with everybody. The fortnightly trips are a great break from Uni life and the Christmas/Summer trips abroad are unforgettable... can't recommend joining enough!

18 January 2018

Good resources and frequent trips to the seaside allow me to hone in on specific surfing skills as well as being open and welcoming to those of all skills and abilities make to an inclusive yet developing club

2 January 2018

Recently went away on the Brumsurf does Morocco trip, was absolutely incredible. Went away knowing two people and have come back with many great memories and experiences with the entire group!

28 December 2017

The society provides fortnightly surf trips to the coast for around £50 which includes board and wetsuit hire, food, accommodation and fuel. The people are really fun and welcoming. If you are into it they also attend sports nights which are also a great laugh. The abroad trips are affordable and really fun too!