The University of Birmingham

Review Breakdown

Move-in Experience
Organisation of Socials
The Events
Value for Money
Freshers' Fair


19 January 2019

The people helping moving in at the accommodation were very helpful. The events organised by the university were all easy to access, even if the freshers nights were expensive. The society and sports fairs were both very helpful and well signposted.

19 January 2019

Lots of events at students union. Lots of opportunities for those that don't drink too. 4starts cos full package was wayyyyy too expensive.

18 January 2019

The university organised wristbands were too expensive I would recommend buying individual events, but my move in experience as a whole was good.

18 January 2019

The events were overhyped by the union and were basically all just a normal night at the union. Tickets were too expensive and one of the biggest events was cancelled and not replaced properly. It was a good way of meeting people. Nothing was happening during the day.

17 January 2019

It was difficult to move in as we couldn't locate my block in tennis courts. However, everyone was friendly and seemed happy to help. The inductions we amazing and gave an actual and realistic experience for what my course will intail.

17 January 2019

Some of the events were very good run by the university guild, however some were not. There were not enough day events to go to and bonding events therefore making it hard sometimes to meet new people especially if your flat doesn't go out.

10 July 2018

Fresher's packs are a big no no because the SU sells them at a very expensive price but nearer to the date other students would sell them cheaper. Overall though fresher's week was great.

14 June 2018

It was an absolute blast! A lot of orientation event and things to do to meet new people. The atmosphere and night out are always good too. I think freshman are lucky to have such a good start to their Uni life! 10\10 would recommend Birmingham uni!

14 June 2018

Freshers week was really inclusive for all regardless of you’re a party freak or freebies lover. The activities suited most if not all student personalities and was engaging.

11 June 2018

Freshers week was a really fun start to the year and meeting so many new people was great, but the events put on by the Guild were incredibly overhyped by them and overpriced. They missold what was basically 4 nights at the union plus a few elsewhere as being this amazing festival of really different fun events, and for £80 this was very steep. Also the “freshers ball” was just yet another night at the Union, no different to any of the others, yet it was £20 on its own.

11 June 2018

Freshers week for me was absolutely amazing and an experience I will never forget. The welcoming team were the first people i met upon arrival and they were so kind and put me at ease about my nerves. I secondly met my flat mates who I had already talked to online thanks to Birmingham’s flat mate finder app- they were incredibly kind and I can say I have made friends for life- we are currently buying a house together for second year! The events were off the charts they had every type of music you could think of so there’s always an event for everyone and every night out is such a laugh! The useful tips I would give for students moving to uni would be DONT take too much unnecessary stuff with you! I ended up taking a slush puppy machine that I used once then had to lug home on the train with me at the end of term!! But the most important advice is the generic one- put yourself out there, join as many societies as you can and take the opportunity to make friends!

10 June 2018

I moved in on the Monday and immediately made friends with the people in my halls. We all decided to go out together that night and it was honestly one of the best night out i’ve ever had. The rest of the week we went out almost every night.

9 May 2018

Move in was smooth, efficient and welcoming. The events were varied and enjoyable, and well catered for, as well as fun. Meeting new people was easy, encouraged and made freshers great. Everyone was eager to meet and it made for a great environment. My advice would be to not hold back and get to know as many people as possible as it makes the experience, while being chilled out too. And of course to remember you only do freshers once, so to have a great time.

2 May 2018

I personally found fresher's week to be rather long and tedious. I think it is difficult to enjoy it before knowing your way around campus and knowing people at uni - I'm sure fresher's week at the start of next term will be much more fun for these reasons. There also didn't seem to much on offer for those students who don't enjoy clubbing and drinking enormously - almost all activities seemed to centre around this. Overall I was much happier once Fresher's week was over and I started to get to know uni better. However, that being said, my advice would be to throw yourself into activities - go to all of your departmental socials and groups if you can, so that you meet people and you get to know your way around.

30 April 2018

Freshers was full of different events. Definitely something for everyone. Depends what you’re in to to which you do as some are really boring but others are fun

25 April 2018

I moved in and my halls weren't that great, and really run down and mouldy. My mattress was damp too which was a shock! I think freshers was a little over rated and I found it very full on, actually became a bit homesick. Although I've made fab friends, it took me a while to find them. Wish my subject did a social at the start.

23 April 2018

Move in was well organised and coordinated. All the information was given to me as soon as I arrived and they made me feel instantly at ease. UOB Guild organises freshers week events meaning students can safely get tickets to nights everyone is going too! Meeting new people is so easy (top tip: bring a doorstop and use it!) because everyone is so kind and friendly in Birmingham. The Vale (where most students live) is gorgeous and you will love every minute of your experience. At least I did.

13 April 2018

I lived in Prichatts Park and we were all given tiny welcome boxes with popcorn and leaflets that were helpful and calming. The bar near where we lived, Leo’s Bar, held an event for the first few days that gave out free pizza, an event that unified my flat as we all went to this together. It was really useful having a planned event, with food, in the first few days as it really brought us together and brought us into an environment where we could also meet other people who lived nearby.

10 April 2018

Overall freshers week was a mixed experience for me. I personally don’t feel like it lives up to the hype! Just focus on settling into a new place and don’t force friendships, talk to new people and let it happen naturally. It’s really not as scary as you might think because everyone’s in the same boat.

10 April 2018

Events in the city were great, however events in the guild lacked imagination and were repetitive which led to quiet nights. Wristband was not value for money either.

4 April 2018

Freshers was a fun few weeks, meeting loads of new people and having a laugh! Everyone is super friendly and there's so much to do!

3 April 2018

I felt very welcome when I moved into my student accommodation and I found everyone so friendly and caring. The events were so good, and I enjoyed every single one, met some nice people and made some life long friends.

1 April 2018

During Freshers' week, I was finally able to understand why university is known to be one of the best experiences during one's life time. Freshers' gets you into the uni mood, amazing memories and new friends!

31 March 2018

Quality nights out at a range of different bars and clubs. The ticket was expensive but there was no other option. Loads of free events on during the day. By the end of the week I felt fully integrated into the university.