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27 January 2019

Somethings in life are guaranteed such as death and taxes, another thing that is guaranteed is you'll have the best week of your life at the Aberdeen freshers. Live, love, laugh.

11 July 2018

Freshers’ Week was excellent! It was a great atmosphere and it (mostly) didn't revolve around getting hammered so if you're not a big drinker don't worry.

4 July 2018

My freshers week experience was quite a positive one. I’m not one for putting myself out there when it comes to meeting new people, so it definitely helped me create new friendships for university. I stayed at home also so I didn’t have the aspect of meeting my new flat mates, so this was a really good way to meet people. The events theirselves were really good (from what I can remember). Best time of the year as it also invoked the cheapest drinks.

19 June 2018

Freshers Week at Aberdeen is pretty varied, there are many activities to choose from - both clubs and parties, food-themed events and opportunities to socialise. The wristbands are pretty overpriced, though.

7 June 2018

Amazing freshers week! Great events hosted by the university, but also by separate organisations that the university works with to provide a good experience for all those attending the uni.

6 June 2018

Plenty of events and good student support sistem if getting homesick. Would like to repeat it though

4 May 2018

Freshers week is amazing, so much fun, such a great way to meet lots of friends and make new ones too!

Mohammed Kalang
25 April 2018

Fun times but really expensive so wasn't nt worth going out, so stayed in a lot of the days and had drinks with friends instead as it was more pleasurable and cheaper.

21 April 2018

Coming up to be my third freshers week this year. Very excited as it always delivers! Fun and all inclusive, everyone can join and enjoy the cheap alcohol!

21 April 2018

Freshers week is a weird time for everyone because you're all experiencing loneliness and homesickness, but no one feels they can talk about it so you all just go to flat parties in strangers houses every night. When you're getting drunk with people you don't know, chances are you won't even remember each other in the morning. To form real friendships talk to your flatmates and join a society for something you care about.

30 March 2018

Move in was easier than expected. Fresher's week was fun but to any student, don't bother buying the fresher's bands etc. Not worth it at all. Just see where the week takes you!

28 March 2018

I didn't really go out due to lack of funds, but all of the events seemed well organized and easy to get to

27 March 2018

It was reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallly great. I like my university because it is pretty. My move in was fuuuuuuuuuuuun. If you are a new student, get to Brewdog brooooooooooooo

26 March 2018

The events organised by the University and Student Union were not up to standard with the exception of the Freshers Fair

25 March 2018

There was so much to do and experience that it was almost too much! Overall fresher's week provided an introduction to most things associated with uni life but it could have been spread out a bit more.

23 March 2018

There were a variety of events taking place, whether it was getting to know the students that joined you in the year or societies offering welcome socials!

23 March 2018

Moving into the halls was an exciting experience, since it meant learning to be fully independent. While the freshers week was full of challenges, including getting to know the city and speaking to loads of new people, it was definitely rewarding. There were many events, from night outs in the clubs, through societies fair, to games night, which meant that everybody could easily find something for themselves. The Aberdeen Uni campus was quite hard to figure out at the beginning, but with a map it quickly became more familiar. While I didn’t go to any inductions, whenever I needed any help I knew I could ask any staff members and I was never left without an answer. Overall, it was an amazing experience full of meeting new people from around the world and full of parties and university events!

22 March 2018

This is my freshers week was amazing. Not only because of all the events that I’ve Attend, but also because I got the chance to be a volunteer for the university which took the experience to a complete new level! Helping out freshers was amazing, organizing events even more.

22 March 2018

Amazing, opened up my world attending Aberdeen university. Super freidly lecturers, hogwarts style architecture and a fresh sea breeze. 10/10wohld recommend to a friend

22 March 2018

After my journey to Aberdeen I was really tired, but everybody was very helpful and nice. I managed to quickly find my new flat and met my flatmates. I would say it's best to get everything inside and take a power nap before anything else.

22 March 2018

There were many events and heaps of new people: a very enjoyable experience. However, I feel that there wasn't much scope to do much other than night club events - perhaps having a hall vs hall foam fight or something similar and fun.