Amazing club with amazing people. I've been in this club for over a year now and I cant imagine not being in it.

Jordon Seymour

At first it was bumpy, with the late start and lack of communication however since then they have strived to do better. I am really enjoying the club and have decided to fully become a club member. I give this 4 starts! Good people and good staff.


I Coulnt ask for a nicer group of people. Everyone has respect for everyone else . The kit is reasonably good but its sergested to buy your own once youve been to the club sessions for a few months .


I noted archery as I wanted to join an activity but with my problem with foot I was limited to what I could do. The archery section was very welcoming,friendly and helpful. The beginners course I had to do to start off was well run and engaging the coaches where helpful and patience and the equipment we used was of a good standard. The social side was fun with lots of get togethers for members and friends.