Rugby Union Men's

Review Breakdown

Resources and Equipment
Organisation & Communication
Enjoyment Factor
Social Experience
The Committee
Value for Money


17 September 2018

The rugby club is extremely inclusive of all skill levels and are well organised. The socials are the highlight of the experience for a fresher with fun and interesting challenges weekly.

26 March 2018

Well organised. Good equipment. Play every week in a league. Good fun. Met a lot of people.

28 December 2017

Social side is very dependent on how drunk you get which is awful. Some nights are brilliant. However the selection process is raise to those who get drunk on nights out. People are picked for the teams by how well known they are via there drunkness. Some excellent players who refuse to get drunk dont get picked. The coaching system is bad. The older players who have no coaching experience select the teams. More qualified coaches are needed. Kit is good but equipment is awful. Flood lights are needed.

15 November 2017

Great standard of rugby, with a good social. Definitely a club worth joining, with 6 teams. Training is on a Monday, with games on a Wednesday.