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13 March 2018

New campus is decent, but out of Swansea

9 March 2018

Location is not great, neither are facilities. Feels very old fashioned. But overall teachers are good, they crack down on attendance and I enjoy my course

8 March 2018

Staff are friendly, approach and are always willing to help. There are a range of facilities and new ones in the process! I’m doing nursing and the staff are absolutely fab! Lessons are engaging and interesting.

7 March 2018

Lovely campus with brilliant facilities. Love the zoology museum and the labs. Library is great. Student union is very helpful.

6 March 2018

Well developed university with two large campuses located alone the each of Swansea city. There's a lot of students

5 March 2018

Swansea university is an excellent institution for students pursuing careers in professional job roles. My chosen area of study is BSc Healthcare Science (Audiology) which is the science of hearing and balance taught in human and health sciences college. The University provides placement opportunities which enables students to learn practise and improve their clinical and social skills. The campus may not be beautiful but it is situated in front of a beach which adds to student experience. The facilities provided for students like me are adequate for practice and it enables us to develop the skills ready to practise once we qualify.

4 March 2018

Bay campus is amazing! I'm staying there this year and it's incredible. The accommodation is so nice and new. All accommodation is en suite which is brilliant. However I'm studying on Singleton, and the commute is so long. Would be so much better if there was an actual uni bus to take you to uni and back, rather than stopping everywhere. Singleton campus is also much older.

3 March 2018

Welsh University of the Year 2017; what more do I need to say really? Uppa Swans! F*** you Cardiff, you red shirt wearing bastards, #Swanmeme

3 March 2018

A very good university for psychology students, spss is taught very well here. (Valuable software) lectures are interesting and the lecturers are very passionate. Very recommended!

3 March 2018

Small compact campus that is easy to get around and conveiniently located. Excellent lecturing standard who also provide amazing levels of help 1-2-1. Amazing community spirit! Overall miles better than Cardiff! #GWAAAAAA

27 February 2018

Overall the new campus is of high standart with decent modern equipment, but cannot say the same about the old one. Some courses are great, but some lectures dont put that much effort into their respected course. I personally have one too many courses i am not satisfied with, but am impressed with the ones i do like and feel they are of high standart and the material is well organized and layed out brilliantly on the blackboard for us. Submission of courseworks is easy and lecturers are always happy to answer question.

25 February 2018

The midwifery degree is brilliant and the facilities are really good especially the vegan shop and the Mexican take away

24 February 2018

The faxilitiea in my campus are excellent since they were build in 2015.The university in general has a high level of knowldge with academics from all over the world.Our students Union is really active and engaging and everyone can join.Although we would like more quidance ahwn it comes to assingments and how to prepare for the outside world(jobs, career opportunities, deciding the path we want to follow)

24 February 2018

Swansea is a beautiful city, located right on the sea front. The night life is incredible, both in the SU club divas n down wind street. Wednesdays are unmissable. My course is very interesting n I’m able to access lots of resources and help when needed of lecturers and tutors.

17 February 2018

Great campus, beautiful location and a very fun night life. Would highly recommend freshers come here, swansea is like a home from home.

10 February 2018

Class university, very unique different to any other uni, great people, right next to the beach, nothing is like it, with everything you could ever need very close

9 February 2018

Fantastic new campus (bay campus) with great facilities. Large course (business) with lots of opportunities to participate in groups and communicate with others. The best night life too

5 February 2018

I hate my course with a passion but the opportunities for my swimming here is amazing. The university is outstanding. Transport links are great, I make do with the accommodation. But I feel so isolated and hate my course. Everything else is amazing

5 February 2018

The university’s new campus is right beside a beautiful beach. Although the buildings for the school of Management and Engineering is new and high tech, the campus is obviously lack of food and restaurant. There’s only a half cafe half bar providing pizza and sandwiches, a Tesco Express, and Starbucks. The lack of choose is literally a disappointment.

2 February 2018

Alright I guess, enjoy getting monged but other than that there's nothing to do, some of the lectures are alright but the rest a on the spectrum.

2 February 2018

An engineering student. Thoroughly enjoying the uni experience and the amount of team work required in the course. Though intense at times, a very reputable university!

1 February 2018

Swansea is a great Uni! The campus is brilliant in terms of facilities and things available but, there is also the legendary Wind Street that is almost a stones throw away where many stories have been made.. some which others would like to keep private! ??

1 February 2018

Swansea University is a solid university to attend. The buildings are a little confusing to navigate start but after a few days and it’s just like walking home after a night out in Wind Street, unthinkable but definitely achievable. The majority of the lecture theatres are of s pretty good standard and can accommodate a number of students and most are reasonable comfortable. However, there are a few that aren’t so comfortable but it isn’t a big deal and it’s easy to cope with. I can’t really speak on the sports facilities but from what I’ve seen, they have a pretty good selection of equipment to use. Student Union seems to be doing well as I hear about it a lot but I haven’t interacted with them yet so again, I can’t really speak about it. The organisation of the university in terms of lectures, notifying and everything else, Swansea University is a high standard and is easily one of the best universities out there,

1 February 2018

My course is well rounded, allowing a good overall knowledge of the field. Halls are modern fresh and spacious enough, whilst lecturers have been approachable and friendly, catering for all kinds of needs.