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9 April 2018

The brand new bay campus really was the main factor that made me choose Swansea uni, the campus is top spec with the latest facilities and needs, it’s located right on a beach meaning after a long day of lectures you can take a relaxing walk on the beachfront

8 April 2018

Love every single moment in this university. The library setting is really good. Love the new campus, the facility is good and the design of the campus is modern, love it.

7 April 2018

The campus is always kept at a high standard, there is plenty of choice with accommodation and the staff are friendly and helpful. The careers services were very helpful and helped me figure out which career path I wanted too folllow. My course has some of the best lecturers teaching us, it is flexible around my schedule and staff are very helpful and understanding

4 April 2018

I am very happy with the university to help me along with my chosen course, whilst also providing great facilities. It has also been great for the other services that are available close by such as doctors.

3 April 2018

Awesome experience with great people My social policy course is outstanding with great students and lecturers! I would recommend the course to anyone interested in UK politics and social policy! Amazing location and lovely culture!

3 April 2018

It's like a big community with awesome people! Social policy course is so interesting and lovely lecturers! Experience was fantastic!

2 April 2018

Good facilities & helpful lecturers. However it needs to be more diverse. As there are not many activities for International students and students who represents the Uni are normally chosen if they are British.

2 April 2018

Swansea university is really great. The lectures are super helpful and approachable. Night life is excellent. Student union is number 1. And 10/10 for organisation. Career services are really great as well. For guidance they know where to lead you too. Swansea location is really good by the beach, I really like it. The accommodation on campus are to high standards and taken care of.

1 April 2018

The campus is beautiful, but the facilities are not very great. Very kind university and always willing to help. Organise alot of activities and can be fun if you want to attend things.

29 March 2018

The campus is well equipped for engineering students studying at Bay and has state of the are equipment to allow students to gain valuable experience.

29 March 2018

The campus is absolutely beautiful and is situated by the beach (Bay Campus), the course is growing in popularity and students really enjoy the learning experience. The careers team is extremely helpful and ensure that each student applies to jobs that are well suited to them.

28 March 2018

Good but room for improvement. The lecture theatre need to be nearer and lecturers need to deliver better. Course is too rushed and not much support available

27 March 2018

Swansea university is a great campus based university. I like the fact that it's a campus and all the buildings and stuff are on the same place. Swansea university is also really close to the beach which is a really nice touch. There are so many great courses available with great ratings and great lectures.

26 March 2018

Really nice location by the beach and everything affordable. Also like the fact that there is two campuses, meaning they don’t get too busy at any one time

25 March 2018

Some buildings are beginning to need some work done due to generally appearing outdated, but I’ve seen lots of building work and painting going on so I’m sure this will be improved in a year. But fantastic and engaging course. Enthusiastic lecturers who love their subject. Lots of support through workshops and help cafés. Loads of help for post grad jobs and internships.

23 March 2018

Amazing facilities on campus, plenty of study areas, huge library including archives! Convenient shop on campus (although expensive), plenty of places to grab a bite to eat also. The student Union is known to be one of the best, looks after all its students and listens well to feedback! The history and social policy course I am currently on is also so interesting and has large support given through staff!

Rabin Sundas
23 March 2018

The campus is accomdating and designed to be close to the city centre and other locations around and near swansea. Students have a few to visit and can travel using the efficient uni bus service. The availability of the buses are excellent considering the number of students constantly on the move from location to location.

22 March 2018

Great university with amazing facilities. There are a range of courses available to suit everyone. The level of teaching given is of a top quality standard, delivered by experienced professors and doctors within their field.

21 March 2018

It might not be a Russell Group uni but the staff and the facilities are so great! Very helpful, useful and the best of views with the beach!

19 March 2018

The university is great. The staff are very helpful and always willing to help and the place itself is easy to find and get around. The course is better than I could have asked for and I have no reason to panic or fret around the time of exams or coursework submission as they are all very willing to help.

19 March 2018

Swansea university... 2 great campuses with brilliant facilities (especially bay, right on the beach) the drawback? Distance. 5 miles between each campus with not the best transport options and expensive buses. Nightlife is amazing People are great Could be a better city centre, but plans are in place for a regeneartion :D

19 March 2018

Swansea uni is an excellent place to study your undergraduate degree. The lectures are insightful. The town is close and brimming with excitement. The residences are nice and halls are great fun.

18 March 2018

Very good university overall, the new bay campus has added a lot of fantastic facilities and has really helped to raise the quality of teaching at the university.

16 March 2018

This university is great for all people and all backgrounds. The university will open so many new doors including friends, clubs, societies, and jobs!!