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7 June 2018

Swansea Uni has been a very enjoyable university to study at, and has climbed up the rankings throughout my time here. It is especially good for my course, Biochemistry, which is situated in the 3rd best college of medicine in the UK behind only Oxford and Cambridge. The uni has had a lot of investment into new labs and equipment to achieve the highest standards of practicals and research, as well as money going into the re-development of both Bay Campus and Singleton Campus. Swansea isn’t a terrible city to be in either, and has everything you could need with most shops only a short distance from the student housing.

6 June 2018

Of two campuses Swansea University offer, I study on Singleton Campus. The amenities it offers are everything you could need as a student, and acts as a little village for those who attend it. The location is incredibly beautiful, being right next to the sea. Perfect for when the weather is nice. Transport links are also good so if you're looking to go out and about, it's very easy to do.

6 June 2018

Super university. I have studied here my Bachelor Degree and had an absolute blast time. The university has many things to offer and the most I loved is how international it is. The main focus of the university is to make the student feel home and give a hand whenever they can. Definitely one of the best universities.

6 June 2018

Generally good services and facilities on campus. More space in the library to study would be helpful as the area can get fairly busy.

4 June 2018

My university is great. My course is perfect with helpful lecturers. Our campus is always buzzing and there's always something going on. Our student union is amazing. They put on pretty dope events and genuinely make things happen for the students.

4 June 2018

Swansea university is a great place for students who want to enjoy a care-free uni life beside the beach. The atmosphere here is not competitive and people are very helpful. The Welsh locals here are known to be very nice people. Swansea university has 2 campuses, singleton and bay. In singleton, you can enjoy a more rustic and homely feel while on bay as everything is new, it feels pretty modern.

30 May 2018

Every University has its issues but at the end of two degrees at Swansea, I would not change the university I chose. Had a wonderful four years at the uni and will always remember my experience. Singleton is a vibrant campus full of activities and friendly environment. The campus is not that big which often works positively for the uni as no matter where on campus you are it is possible to see a friendly face.

6 May 2018

it has a great atmosphere. If you live on campus everything is close by, great facilities. The student union always has something going on so you’ll always have something to do.

4 May 2018

Swansea University have two campus, I would say new campus is excellent. Everything is new and modern. The only concern is the campus was little far from city center.

2 May 2018

Overall the campus is very new and thus I have found are all the facilities. Due to this new much needed university being created there has been many investors such as British airways and tata steel to name a few, these companies allow for brand new state of the art builds, facilities and equipment as I have found out. The course I am studying - Airospace engineering is very diverse and we are alongside many other courses throughout the first year. I find the course very challenging however doable with a large amount of dedication to it. The union is great, helping me meet up with many people during freshers and other such events. There is also many other organisations, clubs and experiences to potentially join however I haven’t opted for any of these as of yet. My dorm mate Lucy however is now leading the LBGT society of the University and is very successful in doing so.

1 May 2018

Swansea University Bay campus is a beautiful campus in a stunning location, situated right on Swansea beach. Business management in the first year was a course that included a range of modules, however the second year was not for me as things got a lot more complicated and modules weren’t as interesting. The careers service is amazing, someone is always willing to help and get to know you through meetings and appointments to help you find something suitable for you.

1 May 2018

Really good teachers and the both of the campuses are right on the sea shore. Lecture halls are brand new and huge. Their resources are endless and everything is really nice and convenient (especially on bay). Both of the universities are close to town and night life is amazing.

1 May 2018

Very good, staff all put in 100% effort. Student union is good and always has events on which everyone can take part in. Facilities on campus very good-has different restaurants and a very good library

26 April 2018

The facilities on the campus are state of the art, all new. Great buildings great location right on the beach. The only issue is the inconsistent buses but that's not the unis fault

25 April 2018

ery impressive provisions, with almost everything you need in the heart of the campus: Grocery store, post office, banks (yes, multiple), resto's, coffee bars, cinema, clothing shop, pub, ... home deliveries from different supermarkets are no issue and the housing on campus is very decent, just 100 meters away from the sea.

23 April 2018

Swansea university is overly good, it has good support from lectures and staff when needed, the bonus of Swansea is it’s next door to the beach so in between lectures or after it’s a good place to relax or even revise

23 April 2018

I love my university, there are two campus', Swansea and carmarthen... The Swansea campus is to die for and is like a mini city and has everything you need. However, the carmarthen campus doesn't have enough tlc (the campus I attend) we need smoothie bars and lovely areas to sit outdoors when it is sunny! That would promote our morale! Although, I love my course and I can't wait to graduate

19 April 2018

Love the Location. Phenomenal to be at the UK top ranked beaches. :D we just need a better weather ... Uni can you do that!!

19 April 2018

The university has a lot of New facilities giving students the Opportunities to learn in different ways. Also the mentors are very supportive and always there for you.

12 April 2018

Swansea is in a great location to the beach and is a friendly city, with an incredible nigjt life. Everyone on campus is very helpful and a lot of support is available from health and well-being to course help across campus.

11 April 2018

Good campus - well laid out. My course is English literature and history - amazing lecturers and great choice of modules.

10 April 2018

The location of the uni is great as it’s near the beach so you can just walk to the beach on your break or even to the parks. The university is great with lots of help available and activities to do.

9 April 2018

Next to the beach, student area in the same place, good facilities and nights out. Good public transport, although expensive.

9 April 2018

Two campuses, the new one has fantastic up to date facilities. Right by the beach, great location, student area is huge and in the same place.