Swansea University

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Move-in Experience
Organisation of Socials
The Events
Value for Money
Freshers' Fair


13 November 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed freshers. Great way to break the ice in your flat and overall so much fun. Wouldn't recommend any of the wristbands. I got the £40 and only used it 3 times not worth the money!

13 November 2018

So much fun, friendly people. Always something going on. Never a dull moment. Great atmosphere. Cheap! Helpful staff and students. Freshers fayre is great. Lots of freebies. The nights out are packed and so much fun.

13 November 2018

Tip: Make sure everything you own you keep in your room if you don't want it frozen for pranks Meeting New People: go to all the freshers events, socialise within your halls, as well as during your lectures and seminars Move-In: Try to find people in your halls so you don't buy the same thing - most unis have pages once accommodation opens for you to look for one another

13 November 2018

Lots of events were planned, different themes so there was something for everyone and gave you time to get to know your flat. Freshers ball was really good with big acts performing.

10 July 2018

Very easy to adapt to friendly faces all round great uni top quality facilities and amazing views. Waking up going for an early walk on the beach, cycling in and around town then getting an ice cold beverage at the uni grounds

9 July 2018

- The move in experience was horrible. It was so disorganised and chaotic. There weren’t any clear signs of where to go, or a clear schedule. - The freshers pack ended up being useless. The events were rubbish. E.g: Fresh and Free, you just wear a t-shirt and there’s music. I don’t feel like they offer genuinely fun activities. Your better off having more fun at the club. - My useful tip for new students is don’t follow the wave of people buying freshers packages. Sure, make sure you go to some Student union events to meet people, but, it’s not worth wasting £60 to go to every event.

23 June 2018

Awesome experience, great nights out, good value for money, met so many awesome people and mates, moving in was super easy and a great laugh

22 June 2018

Swansea has a great freshers weeks that allows students to really get to know each other. Flat parties every night. And I met my GF during it so really was a good freshers for me

9 June 2018

The freshers week was brilliant fun, the free events were very fun and helped me to make plenty of new friends. The atmosphere was insane most night however the freshers wristband wasn't worth it at all. You still had to pay entrance which were extortionate as it was freshers.

8 June 2018

The most amazing week of my entire life! Met my best friends , partied non stop and made the most amazing memories along with meeting my now boyfriend!!

2 June 2018

I found it so difficult to make friends, I didn’t get invited out at all. It was loud and uncomfortable. The events were scattered and no clear information about getting a ticket or location or attending. Nothing for students who don’t like going out and getting smashed.

2 May 2018

Was amazing, had a great week with all my friends and the nightlife is a1. All the clubs on the same street so can’t really complain

28 April 2018

Freshers week was very fun, it lasted two weeks long and i went out for 11/14 nights! I thoroughly enjoyed swansea’s nightlife and was very impressed with the events they had on! Sigala came and performed on campus and that was very fun. Wind street is a brilliant night out and very inexpensive, I totally recommend Swansea University for the nightlife and social aspect, it is also a very good university so the nightlife is a bonus

3 April 2018

Everything about freshers is awesome and I had the best time I possibly could have. The events were amazing and could not have been any better.

3 April 2018

yeah good like, had a good time, events good, was easy to move in, enjoyed meeting new mates...............................................................................................................................................................................................

31 March 2018

Enjoyed thoroughly can’t remember most of it to be fair I was absolutely wasted. Enjoy the photo of my mate drinking cider from a bowl #StudentLiving

31 March 2018

Great events and huge diversity, extremely hands on and welcoming for people of all cultures and backgrounds. Plenty of time for bonding with flat mates and course mates drunk and hungover, freshers fayres to encourage everyone to reach out and explore new interests and hobbies and lots of encouragement for people to become independent in their own time.

Molly Errington
30 March 2018

Freshers was a good 2 weeks in Swansea there would also be other activities planned like trips to Ikea and the Gowers, one Top I would give to new students is get the bus earlier than others to avoid waiting in the bus queue for over an hour.

30 March 2018

There was a good range of activities to do such as going to the Gowers, lively nights out and also freshers ball, a tip I would give to new students get the bus early otherwise you’ll be waiting for the bus for over an hour.

27 March 2018

Probably the best week of my life drinks flying everywhere spew floating about, absolute carnage. Dzeko heads on balotelli has it he find AGUEROOOOOOOOOOOOO, my word will you ever see anything like this ever again!!

26 March 2018

The over all experience was very good from the accommodation to the people helping you get around the city. Everything was very well sign posted and easy to navigate. The events on the first night were warm and welcoming which was key for myself and others to settle in smoothly.

23 March 2018

Enjoyable week filled with firsts ranging from first meeting with flatmates and fellow students in their selected living arrangements. Spending money almost seems to be part of the week and difficult to dodge, unless aiming to remain below the radar. In other words unsociable to save money.

23 March 2018

Great events, well organised, travel was simple, safe and met many people. Moving in was well structured, made it very easy. Found all the facilities easily, even if they were very basic.

22 March 2018

Moving into halls was relatively hassle free and then integrating with the other freshers was an excellent experience. The fresher week events were very well organised, and I'd highly recommend future freshers to get stuck in with them - great opportunity to meet loads of new people!