Staffordshire University

Review Breakdown

Move-in Experience
Organisation of Socials
The Events
Value for Money
Freshers' Fair


16 November 2018

The student club is very boring and hardly had any events on. The local town center has very few clubs and the ones they do have are awful. Not really much good to say about freshers but I have fun only because I had a good group of friends with me.

1 May 2018

The events where great, loved every part of freshers. Can’t wait for my second year. Moving in was a fun experience

22 April 2018

I very much enjoyed my freshers week, it was probably the best week of uni so far. My biggest tip to to get peoples number or Snapchats on a night out. I meet so many people during that week that I haven’t seen since. I would definitely recommend going to every event as well because all different sorts of people go to each of them

28 March 2018

Generally, Freshers week in stoke is a bit messy. You get very drunk, have lots of fun, mess about, etc... but apart from that there is also the restaurants and cinema and shops. Stoke is a very up and coming city so it’s great to see the developmental projects happening all around. Not only that, but you’re a quick train ride away from Manchester, where the nightlife is brilliant. Or Derby if that is more your scene.

27 March 2018

Move in was amazing- people willing to help you take stuff upto room and free food and drink as well, the socials were well planned and advertised, although pretty pricey, freshers fair was amazing, got loads of useful information and signed up for 3 clubs

24 March 2018

Really run meeting new people and all the experiences that come with it. The events were all pretty good as well, I recommend getting friendly with all your flatmates ASAP, you're gonna need them!