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So much fun! The team are so welcoming and patient... complete beginners really can join and nearly all freshers are in the same boat. The team is so talented and supportive too.

Robert Trickey

Joining the Korfball club was one of my best decisions made at uni, which definitely made my uni experience 20x better than before I was a member. The people you meet at Korfball are so friendly and welcoming, which then makes the social aspect incredibly fun. As Korfball isn't a mainstream sport, 99% of new starters have never played before and even the most experienced have only 3-4 years experience so everyone is in the same boat, and you can choose to either play seriously at a high level, or merely for fun and enjoyment - there is something for everyone. However as it isn't a mainstream sport this means that there isn't as much funding, therefore it can be expensive in terms of travel and equipment - but not much more than any other sport, and it's 100% worth it!


Great overall club! The people make it, all very friendly which creates a great atmosphere. Being a minority sport sometimes means lack of equipment, travel or hall time in comprisom to the mainstream sports


Joining the Korfball club is undoubtedly the best decision I made upon joining university, it is a very insclusive club which has something for everyone wether that would be high performance sport, social sport or simply a good bunch of people to have a beer with!