The School of Oriental and African Studies

103rd  in Freshers' Weeks



Moving in was really fun as most people moved in on the same day and there was a meet and greet which most freshers went to. The events were great fun and very varied so there was something for everyone but there aren't many events and not many freshers club nights so you might have to find your own. The events are all free which is good as well! Definitely recommend going to freshers fair to get a taste of all the societies and just to meet new people. Everyone was super friendly and the enrolment was easy as the helpers were very good.


As soon as I arrived at SOAS, I was bombarded with smiles, hellos, thank-you's and lots of directions. I attended a workshop on Consent which helped to prepare and shape students on what they could expect their experience at SOAS to be like. It focused on establishing a solid understanding of the society we live in and how we as a SOAS student accept or challenge these societal norms and values. There were many workshops happening including arts and crafts, language sessions and interactive discussions on self care. My top tips would be to make sure you walk into your Uni open minded and ready to soak up everything that is offers. Sign up and do as many taster sessions of society's that you can and possibly continue the ones you enjoy as it will give you a better sense of purpose whilst being at the school. You also will meet a lot of interesting and cool people in these societies. Get to know the whole university so you have options during study time and chill time.