Queen Mary University of London

Review Breakdown

Move-in Experience
Organisation of Socials
The Events
Value for Money
Freshers' Fair


19 November 2018

The events were everything I thought they would be - adrenaline pumped and very very forgetful. Met so many wonderful new people and I'll never forget the friends I made.

19 November 2018

Freshers week threw me right into the uni experience with a partying every night with I felt really helped me meet new people as it meant having to talk to people even though I'm shy.

19 November 2018

The student union events were very enjoyable but I mostly enjoyed events in clubs such as Ministry of Sound, Piccadilly Institute and Tiger Tiger. A tip I would give students is spend money on pre drinking to save money at the club's and also make sure you take cash as some clubs have a minimum card spend. Take deodorant and chewing gum so you always feel fresh and don't say no to any invitation you get!

8 July 2018

Always fun to meet new people, and when the drinks are flowing, it’s even more fun! The events are crazy, the people so fun, you can’t not make new friends. It was the best time of my life

27 June 2018

Very boring and similar nightlife- also very expensive- the clubs were very boring! Also there was no one helping you decide where to go and the Rist bands were really expensive and half of the events weren’t even included.

2 May 2018

I was very nervous at first for freshers week, I didn't know anyone in my year and had no idea what to sign up. But however, the seniors were so nice and welcoming I was able to make quick decisions on what societies to join and now I have some close friends throughout the year.

19 April 2018

Freshers fair was good. However, some of the people at the stalls were not very welcoming. There were not many events for commuters or events that revolved around meeting people on your course. There could be more events for students who don't live on campus to make friends and etc.

10 April 2018

Fresher’s Week consisted of a themed night out every night which is okay, but there were no scheduled society activities during the day at all: they were dotted around over the next two months. This meant that there really weren’t very many opportunities to actually meet people, and taster events for societies ended up happening alongside lectures which meant that they often clashed and I couldn’t go to many. I know that at other unis the society events are scheduled before lectures start and I think this is a much better way of doing things. The uni itself is good though.

7 April 2018

I had an absolutely amazing freshers week at Queen mary. During the society fair I have so many options to choose from, there is definitely one society for everyone. I’ve joined snow sports & Scandinavian and it’s because of the societies I have met so many wonderful people

2 April 2018

Freshers week was great. Went out for 6 days of that week and was my best university starter experience. My move in was smooth but flatmates were not the best as I discovered over the year.

29 March 2018

The freshers events are not very interesting and the university doesn’t have much creativity when it comes to events vandals their organisation

27 March 2018

Great atmosphere, plenty to do, lots of fun exciting people. New students, take advantage of free stuff and offers at the freshers fair, go to many events, you will regret what you don’t do.

26 March 2018

It wasn’t alright. Could have been better. There are plenty of things to do if you love on campus and even if you’re commuting but it’s harder to find about these things. Freshers week consisted a lot of admin from the university side. I’m not too interested In the whole social side aspect of things as I’ve heard the initiations are embarrassing and I’d rather keep my dignity of you know what I mean.