Middlesex University

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Move-in Experience
Organisation of Socials
The Events
Value for Money
Freshers' Fair


9 July 2018

The parties were not that great and even though it’s freshers the drinks were still expensive and not much versatile music

28 April 2018

Before I moved in I was watching so many YouTube videos to try and get an insight into what it was like but it was so different. Maybe it was my friendship circle but I never got this pressure to constantly go out every day infact it was quite boring. Perhaps due to London prices aswell! But you get alot of free stuff in freshers!!

18 April 2018

New experience enjoy it, was good meeting new people ad being yourself a fresh start. Don’t say no it will resstrict you be open to new things

18 April 2018

Good experience excellent opportunity to meet people, I would say be open and Dom say no to suggestion be yourself.

16 April 2018

My freshers’ week experience was really good. I initially didn’t have high hopes for the uni experience but once I started going to mdx house parties. My whole perspective on uni life changed .i had a great time especially on the boat ride at River Thames. The scenery was gorgeous and my advice for new students is to keep an open mind

16 April 2018

The freshers’ week was amazing. The mdx house parties that ran across the month were really jazzy. The music and wireless headphones were the highlights of the night. Also the boat ride was sick. It was a night I’d never forget. My move in experience was smooth, everyone was helpful in giving me advice and what to look up to. For new students, relax don’t be nervous, just go with the flow. The university itself is like a community, everyone is friendly.

8 April 2018

Middlesex Freshers was very average and not really worth attending it is not on the level of unis outside of London. They take place in the canteen which is a small enough location and they'll rarely pack out the room so that should speak for itself. If you're remaining in London for your uni experience I'd recommend having an active social life outside of uni cause Middlesex socially just felt like an extension of college. Not the 'uni experience' most other people are living.

7 April 2018

There were so many different types of fresher events! I think it was fab how they involved singers and stuff to go to the events and it varied from day to day, time to time! Drinks were incredibly cheap as well so yeah I was so good!

30 March 2018

I really enjoyed my freshers week at middlesex. The events were great and there were some really fun nights out with societies. Moving in was smooth and I really got on with the guys in my flat.

26 March 2018

If you are studying in London and want to go on a night out pre drinking is your best friend. Stock up on cheap booze from the shops, cram into someone's kitchen and drink as much as you can before you get to the club. Don't act drunk though because some bouncers can be dicks. Go to lots of SU events and Freshers events because you'll meet some proper sesh Gremlins and meet new people. You will probably meet people on your course there which is banter when you properly meet them in class and not 10 jagers deep. Keep a close eye on your kitchen utensils too because I guarantee they will disappear in the first week

25 March 2018

Activities were to o expensive to do the whole week but the ones i did go to were good, got talking to a lot of people

22 March 2018

Moving in was hard to do. If we decided not to move in on the 18th of September, we had to do multiple trips around the building as the staff refused to open the back door. Staff were rude too. Freshers fair was decent.