Review Breakdown

Resources and Equipment
Organisation & Communication
Enjoyment Factor
Social Experience
The Committee
Value for Money


18 November 2018

Modern facilities with a lot of resources like the gym and 4g pitches. Very social with a nights out every Wednesday and a great group of lads

6 March 2018

Resources are amazing with 3G pitch and floodlights. Coaches are a very high standard and performances show this with all teams doing outstanding.

30 December 2017

The social side is amazing, it’s how you make your best mates. Great way to make links with the community as due to the university, we play for the local teams. The facilities are great due to this as we can train at their grounds and the coach helps us out. Our kit is new and there’s enough to go round if any gets damaged. We don’t do many events, but make sure we attend all others on campus to support