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8 February 2018

The campus is very easily to navigate and there is always staff on hand to ask If you don't know where you are going. I study Geography and the tutors are all very helpful and understanding and are always available to answer emails and/or avalible to be seen in person within office hours. The overall feeling is very pleasant and clean and would recommend to anyone.

7 February 2018

The university is a really good place. Everything from food to people to lectures is really well organised and it makes you want to spend more time at the uni. One critism of my uni is that we cannot take out the met card money for our personal use or anything else that we would need. As we all adults in the uni I would prefer to have control over those funds too since I need to learn and handle my budget. I am the best person to know what i need to buy and where i need to save. The uni does however make it easier to use our met card money by providing great facilities like the post office, coffee shops, applying for bus passes, food, stationary supplies and some groceries. I would still prefer to have it all in my bank account though. Another great thing about my uni is that it provides us with green spaces where we can relax and chill and it has a gym near by where we can work out for free! This helps student get the best of their uni life without spending too much. The uni is located on oxford road where many resturants and shops can be found, making it easier to access food during late hours of study. The uni is also very close to the tram & train station as well as many bus stops therefore it makes the travelling very easy too.

6 February 2018

Couldn't be better. Love it. Everyone's friendly. Having the best time of my life. Met people that will be friends for life

3 February 2018


26 January 2018

The campus is a city centre campus so it quiet spread out and it can be hard for visitors to indentify MMU buildings without assistance from open day staff. It doesn’t have that homely feel like campus universities like Salford do but it is more convenient to acces central Manchester. The allocation of halls is left quiet late, I was given my room 1-2 weeks before my expected move in date which for me, made it seem quiet rushed and last minute. More expensive halls are a lot nicer but less social so I would advice saving your money on rent and going into halls that aren’t as aesthetically pleasing but give you the opportunity to meet as many people as possible. I spent £7000 of my £8000 loan on halls and I was too broke to go out and my flat of 5 wasn’t very social.

Anshul Goyal
26 January 2018

I’m an international student studying in this uni from India. I enjoy my uni time a lot and really love the place I chose and don’t regret anything. It’s got really great staff, a fabulous library, good people, good facilities and really good international support. Sports facilities of the university are satisfactory but their focus on development of it is quite impressive. Various opportunities always come up about volunteering, career markets, future job prospects, part time, etc. Accomodation recommended by the uni is pretty good as well.

26 January 2018

I mean it does the job right. Could improve as in facilties and parking. Got decent food and i like the met card

25 January 2018

The uni is welcoming and always makes you feel valued. There are loads of clubs and societies which you can join for good prices and high quality training, I'd recommend the swimming club! Tutors are great at explaining content and are always happy to help out of timetables sessions too, and they all have office hours for meetings and drop ins. The halls are expensive if you want to be in the city centre, however there are plenty to choose from and budget friendly accommodation is easy to find if you look a bit further away. There are also private flats which can be found at better value prices than the university halls.

24 January 2018

Brilliant course! Wouldn't change it for anything. Definitely will recommend mmu. Decent location as it's right next to the city centre and has many bars surrounding it.

3 January 2018

This university is really friendly. All the staff are lovely and I really feel at home at this university.

17 December 2017

As a post-grad student at MMU, I find that there is a vast amount facilities available and endless support offered from various university groups. The library and IT resources can compete with other top universities in the country. The campus itself has lots of areas to study and is well maintained. I study MultimediaJjournalism, part-time but I am able to use university facilities to support my learning out of timetable hours.

17 November 2017

Great Business School, decent quality of teaching, helpful career hub and large library with everything you'll need. Everything is within walking distance of each other. Grants are okay, though you're forced to use the MET card which is awful, especially giving that the food and whatnot you can use it on is way too expensive, often double what it would cost in a shop. Student housing is right nearby as well, though on the pricy side. No lectures get recorded and put online which is awful.

15 November 2017

The course was great, just a large course so hard tocome across the same people twice. Great facilities for studying and friendly tutors easy to talk to

15 November 2017

I am now in my final year at MMU and could not have asked for a better experience! The university is full of great staff, who are willing to help whenever you need it. All my studies have been based in the Brooks building, which is very modern and well laid out, with an amazing resource centre and great canteen. Most of the staff go above and beyond to help students gain the best possible outcome for their degree

15 November 2017

Amazing university with great tutors and teaching facilities. University has great food places nearby Friendly atmosphere very diverse and in a great city

15 November 2017

Great support, societies to join, sporting clubs, and facilities available with staff willing to help in any way possible. Student hub and union provide excellent guidance and support to find opportunities for students. Very structured units and assessments in the best way to help achieve potential.

15 November 2017

I was nervous in starting university as I was the first one in my family to go, and my university was amazing in the way that they had transitioned me in to university and ensured that I understood what was expected of me, and continue to offer support.