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24 June 2018

The uni is very nicely built with lots of things to do around campus! I felt comfortable learning there and would recommend it to anyone wanting to go there. I never had an issue with any lectures or classes and the staff help massively

23 June 2018

Good student teacher contact and time, buildings kept clean and tidy. Lecturers friendly and willing to help all they can.

21 June 2018

MMU had an attractive campus, the facilities were always clean and my course was well structured and organised. I was never part of the union and my course led me straight into nursing.

20 June 2018

Good scientific resources, they let you use a lot more of the equipment yourself unlike other universities where you have to have academics use them for you/intensively monitor your use. The union offers great support on all issues and is a great social hub. The campus buildings in Manchester are all within comfortable walking distance and are very close to the city centre. The sports opportunities are also incredible varied.

20 June 2018

Manchester’s Fashion Institute is good. Good industry links and placements. Business school is modern and learning environments are good.

18 June 2018

Amazing university, everyone is really helpful, loads of opportunities to get involved with, the ideal location for those that into the night life scene.

12 June 2018

Very clean uni Some lectures care more than others, sometimes no communication between staff in lecture and seminars which can be very annoying

12 June 2018

The student union runs loads of activities including free sports classes through the week. This means I don’t need to waste money on a gym membership. The campus is quite small with a park in the centre of it which is nice

12 June 2018

The campus is small and clean it’s easy to get across and between all of the buildings. The student union is fantastic and runs sport classes throughout the week for free so I typically do yoga twice a week and swim twice too which means I don’t need to waste money on a gym membership.

10 June 2018

I have studied at three different universities and there are certain qualities about Manchester that I really don't like. Firstly there is no campus feel. Secondly, teachers at my previous universities were very down to Earth and students were "normal". Here, lots of students are very middle class and the staff are not friendly and sometimes confrontational. In one class, the lecturer had a five minute arguement with a student who was speaking to someone next to him. This was in a huge lecture hall in Roscoe and there was barely any audible noise. I have heard that this happened frequently with this lecturer and there are others who are really not nice. The university feels artificial and like the only thing that matters is the reputation of the university. It feels like a business and students are livestock. There is no open door policy. Also, there were huge numbers of students in my classes here (over 200 in my first year).

9 June 2018

Man Met is a huge uni but that means there is something for everyone. Some of the buildings are a little ugly but they've got great facilities

7 June 2018

My university is versatile and accommodates all students across the world. The facilities that the university provide allow myself and students to grow and develop through their educational journey. Support it provide by the university emensuring that any problems students have, the university tries to support them. I have been at the university for 5 years now and I am currently studying a masters degree. My undergraduate degree was tough but with the support from the university I was able to get through it. Not only did the students union provide advice and help students with accommodation. Night life and general enquiries. The university also provided energy loans when required, access to printers, computers and an amazing library.

6 June 2018

The university relies too much on the city to provide a sense of student community. Universities in smaller locations provide specific nights for students that involve fancy dress and more fun elements ,rather than just assuming that all students can get involved in whatever they want, like MMU does.

5 June 2018

The university business school is great. Lots of open spaces and lots of atidy areas to help you focus on your studies and assignments. There is always lots on at the student union and many different societies and clubs to join in with. Great environment throughout campus and great people too. Careers service is amazing, very helpful! A great uni and a great place to study!

5 June 2018

Everyone's really friendly and helpful. Facilities are pretty good and lectures are great. Decent and big sized with alot to do around the area. Great location

4 June 2018

It's a good uni, great nights life and good facilities all around. Easy to get a job as a student either in campus or with the many shops around. Most lecturers help. Never had any trouble

31 May 2018

Campus is mostly in one area, especially for creative studies students. Near to city centre which is great, you can get the bus for about £1.50 or just walk it in 10mins. Lots of toilets, accessible and unisex. Buildings have a reception and staff on desks are really helpful. Tutors on fashion course are knowledgeable in most areas but could improve through more understanding of unisex clothing as currently only menswear and womenswear collections are available. Lots of help offered for CVs and preparing for jobs, very active when answering questions and replying to emails.

15 May 2018

The campus is set out to give students a clear idea of how student life actually works. It allows us to communicate well between each other and they are also in perfect locations.

9 May 2018

Good and big facilities for students. Library opens 24/7 which is very good for students to study. I think most of us as students did not really getting involved or engaged with the student unions.

4 May 2018

Teaching isn't the best for some subjects, and the library needs to get expanded it's too small for that many people who attend the university. Overall it is alright but there could be some improvements done to make it even better.

2 May 2018

Good facilities, new building. Good course and staff however the timetables could be better as in 4 days a week better if it was only 3. Staff are helpful when trying to find a placement

1 May 2018

Overall I've had an amazing time at MMU, everything has always been easy to access/find and you get a lot of help. I'd maybe suggest a stronger mental health support though.

30 April 2018

Campus is amazing & facilities are too. The library is just amazing, open 24/7 with lots of useful resources. The psychology department is soooo good, and has the best building as well

30 April 2018

Plenty of resources available online and in the library. Lots of study space for independent work, good support from tutors. The campus is usually clean and comfortable, the facilities around the campus are great - easy to acces by bus but could be better for driving!