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18 November 2018

The student union is very convenient, loads of daily stuff can be bought. However the uni accommodations are always full which means I have to book for private accommodation to live in which is much more expensive.I'm surprised with the job offers that MMU have advertised. This actually shows that MMU is well known by the working industry. Something I am really proud of. Teachers are really nice and helpful. Food a bit too expensive. Too little student discount however.

18 November 2018

Wouldn't recommend uni to anyone, I was doing well succeeding until the final year (I wasn't told it would be 90% 'self lead' and independent) the support is terrible I feel like the final year was a waste but I enjoyed the first two.

18 November 2018

As a whole the university is quite a good university, it's environmentally friendly in nearly everything it does.

18 November 2018

good university. friendly and supportive staff but could do with providing more info with certain areas

18 November 2018

Overall a good experience and many of the staff are very helpful and welcoming. However there is disorganisation between subjects (as doing a combined honours) and inconsistencies with the quality of the lecturers. Prices in cafes are also unfair considering everyone using it would be students. However there are many social activities available, all students are very welcoming and a good environment to work in.

9 August 2018

course hasn’t been very organised and I don’t think I have learnt a great deal, have benefited from my placement year though

20 June 2018

Manchester’s Fashion Institute is good. Good industry links and placements. Business school is modern and learning environments are good.

6 June 2018

The university relies too much on the city to provide a sense of student community. Universities in smaller locations provide specific nights for students that involve fancy dress and more fun elements ,rather than just assuming that all students can get involved in whatever they want, like MMU does.

4 May 2018

Teaching isn't the best for some subjects, and the library needs to get expanded it's too small for that many people who attend the university. Overall it is alright but there could be some improvements done to make it even better.

22 April 2018

Overall a good university but as I was based at the Cheshire campus in Crewe it was lacking in facilities / funding to say the least. It went down hill the longer I was there and therefore could see why people had left. Majority of the lecturers though were amazing and supportive and honestly made my last year a lot easier just by being understanding. The mental health facilities are rubbish and there’s a waiting list for a counsellor, which I think is absurd.

18 April 2018

I have been at Manchester Met for the past year doing a PGCE. The course has been good in progressing me in my career to becoming a teacher

29 March 2018

The course is average at best. All my seminars were the same; we were given a worksheet, and then had to discuss the questions in group. That was not worth the high fee rates.

28 March 2018

I have been studying at Manchester Metropolitan for the past 4 years now and have enjoyed it very much. Although my course is literally nothing how I expected it I have still enjoyed it and made friends for life. I didn’t like how closed off all the halls were I stayed in, it made it very hard to socialise because the security was so high between flats.

25 March 2018

The campus is relatively straight forward to get around as is the student union. My course was Forensic Psychology although the forensic module is engaging unfortunately the other modules on the course aren't as engaging

24 March 2018

The course I’m overall happy with it, but one problem is that the course didn’t other much choice when it cames to modules and one module in particular was taken away from us and I found out the current second years are able to take the module we weren’t able to choose. That has annoyed me as it didn’t allow me to undertake a specialism from my course. The Student Union is amazing value for money and a great place to chill. The facilities such as the library just needs more current books but apart from that it’s good.

14 March 2018

It's ok, you feel like you slip through the gaps a lot but its alright, they try and to always be improving but i think the amount of students vs. The support isn't balanced.

26 January 2018

The campus is a city centre campus so it quiet spread out and it can be hard for visitors to indentify MMU buildings without assistance from open day staff. It doesn’t have that homely feel like campus universities like Salford do but it is more convenient to acces central Manchester. The allocation of halls is left quiet late, I was given my room 1-2 weeks before my expected move in date which for me, made it seem quiet rushed and last minute. More expensive halls are a lot nicer but less social so I would advice saving your money on rent and going into halls that aren’t as aesthetically pleasing but give you the opportunity to meet as many people as possible. I spent £7000 of my £8000 loan on halls and I was too broke to go out and my flat of 5 wasn’t very social.

26 January 2018

I mean it does the job right. Could improve as in facilties and parking. Got decent food and i like the met card

15 November 2017

The course was great, just a large course so hard tocome across the same people twice. Great facilities for studying and friendly tutors easy to talk to