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28 December 2017

I love the course so much! Very interesting. The university is so great- good balance between studies and social activities Loughborough is known for its sports and best student union and I can confirm that it is true that it is the best!

1 December 2017

The students union is great, it is a comfy open area where you can grab coffee or food in the day and a massive club that offers a variety of music in different rooms at night. My course is well run and interesting topics are offered for study. The sport at Loughborough and resulting open, green spaces make it an enjoyable place to live!

1 December 2017

Loughborough University offers a well-rounded course including placement opportunities which greatly enhances your employability upon graduation. On top of that, we have one of the best unions across the country and have various societies catered for everyone.

21 November 2017

It’s a very welcoming university with lots on offer, whatever your choice of study. The nightlife is great with different options depending on your mood including drink free evenings and events. The international students have their own special events to help promote their nationality and boost knowledge on different community’s that learn at the university.

20 November 2017

This campus it great, I love the facilities there are always map around to support you when you are lost. If not you can also run into a building to get help from the receptionist which they are all really happy to help you with. The gym is great, there are plenty of equipment. They are all in good condition, therefore it makes the atmosphere really nice to work out in.

20 November 2017

The uni is fantastic, love the buildings. The lecturers are really friendly and helpful. Definitely a great place to study.

19 November 2017

Loughborough University’s learning environment is great. I love being around students who share the same ambition to be successful. My peers all drive for success and I know I will be supported where ever I go. I’ve had great experiences with both current and former students who have helped me to success and I hope when I leave I will be able to help other succeed too.

18 November 2017

Loughborough Uni is a fantastic university that provides students with some of the best opportunities to get involved. This can be in volunteering domestically as well as internationally, being able to be part of committee's which can make a real impact on the respected society/hall's actions. The cost of living here is one of the best in the UK; the fact that Loughborough is located in the Midlands means that it also has great transport links. In terms of facilities, Loughborough's consistent investment in this means that every single year, you can visibly see new buildings being built, accommodation being renovated, as well as lecture theaters and the facilities in each of these being updated.

15 November 2017

Loughborough is like one big family, the hall sprint is incredible. The courses are well taught by experienced academic. We have have the best union night out.