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10 March 2018

I like the Loughborough campus since all the buildings are in close proximity to each other compared to some other universities where all the departments are quite far apart from each other. Also, the facilities that Loughborough University offers to us students is very extensive. I would say that our student union is quite interactive with all the students and that it is one of the best student unions in the UK.

10 March 2018

Very good uni. Good night life, friendly staff and students. Loads of support academically and pastorally. Suberin student union. Staff striking is a pain though.

7 March 2018

Amazing university. Very good teachers and the nightlife is fun. Perhaps not the biggest university in the United Kingdom but it’s pretty good. But of course it feels like a bit of a bubble. The griffin pub is amazing. The courses are okay. The men are fit as hell and have bodies like no other. Although if you don’t like rugby lads then perhaps not for you. Fnd is full of ten year olds but are actually first years

5 March 2018

Wasn’t sure at first, and Loughborough is a big daunting campus. But the wide variety of activities and friendly people and staff have made it a home from home. Best years of my life so far..I really do love it! It’s such a warm welcoming community and makes me feel like I really belong here and it’s my home, as well as my ideal study space. Can’t beat it.

5 March 2018

Love the atmosphere here and the planning and organisation overall of the uni is incredible. This is my first year and I am loving every day here!!! Loughborough is amazing for engineering and also sports! I love taking part in different free sport activities throughout the week.

2 March 2018

Amazing facilities, probably the best in the UK. The campus is brilliant, it has everything I could want and need for my University experience and degree. They’ve opened new STEM labs which are state-of-the-art. It allows me to be the best that I can in my sport and on my course.

28 February 2018

The campus is reliable and shuttle buses are available to get around campus! Course needs to be more organised and have more consistency in many aspects. Sports facilities are great! Careers is helpful. Union need to update music and change the playlist because we all can predict the next song just likevtaht because you have it on replay!!! and have more events and change stuesday because it is not great!

27 February 2018

By far the best campus in the UK - I went to a lot of open days and was only interested in campus universities, and Loughborough’s definitely stood out. Its facilities are great, particularly the students’ union and, of course, the extensive sports facilities. I study International Business and the modules have been very interesting so far. University has been the best time of my life and I can’t see this changing.

26 February 2018

Campus is modern and inviting, facilities are really good and a high standard. really enjoying my course and social life is good.

26 February 2018

Course is great, social life is good, good student experience. campus has a modern feel and sports facilities are excellent. Freshers week wasn’t organised the best from my hall but still a good introduction to student life.

22 February 2018

Nice campus and facilities, especially sports. Huge library with a lot of books - a big deal for uni students!

21 February 2018

The campus itself is amazing with superb facilities for sports, other societies, lecture theatres and other private study spaces. Careers services are also good with large amounts of support including some lectures specifically focusing on this.

16 February 2018

Student union is very helpful has well organised events. Careers services I think is one of the best. It gives you support on CV, interview tips and mock assement centre. Which I found quite useful as I know what is going to happen in the real thing. Also, giving you a meeting room to book to have your phone and video interview somewhere quiet. Plus weekly from my School of Science careers services, I receive emails about what new placement is suitable for my degree. So I get all the support I need for my placement, because I can have a meeting with the placement office with any issue I may have. For example you have as meeting about how to improve your CV or just having a mocking interview.

14 February 2018

Lots of stuff to do in my uni teachers are the fav thing so friendly and talkative. My classss mates so good at lessons so they teach me

12 February 2018

The campus has large amounts of green space, including various sports pitches and recreational spaces which means it very much feels like a campus uni. The uni offers not only the library, but various places to study which means during busy exam periods you can always find a place to work.

8 February 2018

the facilities in the university are first class. there are lots of opportunities to get involved in clubs. the su is great! they run lots of nights.

5 February 2018

Great quality learning experience and student union, though the surrounding town is pretty small. Live music is a rarity however Leicester and Nottingham are very close by train

5 February 2018

Academic staff are so supportive if you approach them with any of your problems and personal tutors are always on hand to help with any academic issues. The careers service are really helpful and offer schemes such as the employability award and LboroConnect to help you with that first step out of university life. The union will help solve any issues and student voice will help you resolve everything from academic misconduct to where is the best place to have a drink.

4 February 2018

Insanely good facilities for design students! I would definitely recommend studying BSc Product Design here. The lectures are are useful, they give very handy skills for your future. Lectures are passionate and dedicated, education is on a high level.

31 January 2018

Had an awesome few years at Loughborough. The design course I was on was however relentless. I ended up leaving half way through final year due to personal circumstances. However I have made alo t of friends for life

30 January 2018

Just don't expect the MEME school to do any admin like transfers or university upgrades. Because Brioni Hunt isn't good.

29 January 2018

Everything here is amazing! The night life, the on campus access to shops, food, near locations of the lecture halls. The university course is interesting. The individualEverything here is amazing! The night life, the on campus access to shops, food, near locations of the lecture halls. The university course is interesting. The individual

29 January 2018

The campus is huge and majestic, lots of green open spaces and scenic things like crocuses that match the university logo colours in the spring. The library is excellent. The Student Union is fantastic, nights out are great and my course couldn’t really be better.

25 January 2018

Huge green campus, amazing facilities and great sport/engineering. 10/10 Would bangggg. Brilliant nightlife, love a good hey ewe / fnd. Exeter is DEADD.