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26 April 2018

The university is in a good location, quiet and mostly students in the middle of Loughborough. Great peers, not so great teaching quality...

25 April 2018

Fun experience, fun pubs. A place with a bit of everything. Great for sports and a lot of drinking. Kelso does these really nice discounted cocktails on the Reverb event night.

24 April 2018

The university offers you a range of activities, from opportunites to volunteer and learn to playing recreational sports and making new friends! The structure and organization of Loughborough University provides me opportunities that I can development and improve myself. Lectures are recorded, lecturers are respectful, it is highly recommend to choose Loughborough University as your choice to aid your learning and growth as an individual. :)

20 April 2018

Great campus and great efforts put by university to bring it into top 5 in the UK. The students' union too has a great reputation across the country.

19 April 2018

Very good overall experience. This university is incredible at catering for everyone's needs in a variety of subjects and extra-curricular activities. Also, did I mention that it's the best sporting university in the world?...2 years running now!

19 April 2018

I am coming towards the end of my studies at Loughborough University. After four years... what can I say apart from, I LOVE YOU LOUGHBOROUGH!!!! As a keen botanist and procurer of herbs I have flourished in various departments and through various extra curricular activities have asserted myself as a 'man about town'. Look out for the elusive Treebeard if you go; rarer than a white bison (1 in 10 million), some say this mythical beast has roamed the halls of Loughborough University since it's founding in 1954. A rich, colourful tapestry of history. One that I will be very sad to leave behind.

17 April 2018

Loughborough SU is the best, loads of rooms from your RnB to house, pop you name it Dj’s pay it. Couldn’t ask for a better 1st year at uni

15 April 2018

The students are extremely friendly and everyone wants to interact with you. Lecturers are always available for you in case you ever need any sort of help. Loads of activities to do such as play sports with random students.

13 April 2018

Love the one campus feel that this university has. The facilities for my field of study is up to date and great quality

Vanessa Yesufu
11 April 2018

One of the things I love about my university is that it's a campus. Meaning everything from the two gyms, students unions, accommodation halls, shops, lecture buildings, the library, sports facilities and department offices are all on a 438 acres area! It made my experience easkery as everything was on site and there is even a free campus shuttle to get you around! Talk about convenience. I've visited a few friends universities and I have to say the library here is the best I've seen. Multiple floors with books and access to hundreds of computers, with a cafe for your important study break!

9 April 2018

The best things about Loughborough are the large campus, the student union and my course (English literature). My least favourite things are the halls, some of which need updating. As a non-sporty person it was disappointing that I couldn't join in with my sports on a basic level, I found it elitist.

8 April 2018

Fab campus. Great student experience and a nice mix of people. Really happy with my choice of uni. The town is dead but the uni is calm.

7 April 2018

English and Drama course was not the best. Very unorganised with little module options for finalists. That said, the university itself is excellent and I would have enjoyed it much more had I been in another department. Student voice is highly emphasised and is listened to.

5 April 2018

A brilliant university which makes you feel immediately at home and comfortable. Great facilities and teaching too

31 March 2018

Really nice campus and friendly environment. Feels like a bit of a bubble sometimes as town is small and rundown in some areas. Verry supportive with any needs you may need and the union is good for a night out and verry cheap. Obviously is very well know for its sports there is lots to get involved I

30 March 2018

The engineering program is great and I would recommend it. Living in halls is weird at first but as everything is on campus it is easy to navigate yourself around. The facilities are updating where the new ones are really nice and good to study in. The free stuff in uni is advertised, but you yourself need to find it more as if they is something you want to do than you kinda have to know the right people to ask to do it. E.g. different societies and what they actually do and how they are.

30 March 2018

Teaching quality of the course is brilliant, lecturers really care how students do. Facilities are second to none including sports and other facilities with the careers service being excellent as well as the students' union.

29 March 2018

Beautiful, green campus with amazing sports facilities and learning spaces. Best student union I’ve visited with a thriving sporting environment full of motivated students.

26 March 2018

Amazing university, great courses, great fascilities - gym is top notch and the library is also great! I would reccomend highly and thenunion is the nets night out ever!!

23 March 2018

Incredible facilities and opportunities. Amazing people, great course, fantastic campus. Best in the world for Sport Science and BUCS winners for over 30 consecutive years.

17 March 2018

Amazing campus, a great student atmosphere and social life. The sporting facilities are top class as well as great teaching and courses.

13 March 2018

Very good for sport. The facilities are incredible. The gym is world class, the pitches are brilliant and the coaches are brill-tastic

11 March 2018

Beautiful campus- not too big but lots of open areas to work and relax with everything you would need a stones throw away! Facilities are second to none and best in the world for sports courses. Careers are always there to offer help on whatever means you need and weekly updates help you stay on top of the working world. Overall, could not fault and has been the best 3 years of my life!

11 March 2018

Beautiful Campus and facilities, lecturers are good, the student union provides all and is run by students for students, lots of options for careers help.