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18 November 2018

Everything is close to everything, for example you can be in the middle of town with a 20 minute walk from campus. My course is varied and the lecture taught well, and the student union is always full day and night with a few nice cafes and a co-op to enjoy in the day and a club at night.

18 November 2018

The large campus is easy to navigate, with frequent buses running around the whole campus, making it easy to get around. The staff all around campus are always friendly, and provide a safe environment for socialising, studying and playing sports etc..

18 November 2018

Okay uni but support isn't great. I suffered severe depression and anxiety my whole time here - would say I was almost bullied by certain people I lived with. (What's funny is the bully was the well-being mentor who is the person you are meant to go to when you are feeling troubled). Sad, but I'm glad I'm out and getting better over time.

18 November 2018

Loughborough university provides a well rounded university experience that allows students to fully immerse themselves in their course whilst providing exctextra curricular opportunities, not just sport, but volunteering, and opportunities to progress and lead, which, when applying for jobs sets their students apart from others. The campus is phenomenal, and the town has all necessary amenities, it's a shame that it's not more cosmopolitan and refined, as if it were, I could guarantee that more people would apply to the university.

18 November 2018

Course content is very good along with very qualified and knowledgable lecturers. Many of the academics in the civil and engineering department have come from industry and therefore are able to give real life, practical applications and example of theory. University accommodation and learning facilities are modern and renovated on a regular basis. Technology and comfort is continually improved providing a very good learning environment. Situated in a prime location in Loughborough, easy access to town and private rented accommodation off campus. Direct links to East Midlands Airport and London St Pancreas Lovely green campus that encourages sustainability. Halls of residence coincide and are kept to a very good standard. Convenience across campus is excellent. Lboro App and associated online/ printing services is an excellent tool to assist students in managing time and being more productive. Hundreds of societies and clubs on offer for everyone to join, along with excellent clubbing locations with mixed variety of nights out. Overall, a very good experience, one that I would reccomend to anyone

18 November 2018

The campus facilities are world class, one of the foremost reasons why I choose to come to Loughborough. Training over 20 hours a week and balancing Uni work at the same time isn't easy but having everything that I need in one place and the level of facilities make it a lot better.

9 August 2018

Lovely uni, friendly and feels like home. Going into my 3rd year and feels like I’ve been there 2 minutes! Union is large and there’s always plenty going on. The town is good for food and drink but lacks entertainment like bowling

9 August 2018

Large friendly campus that feels like home. So many things to do 24/7 and support available. Union is large. Town is good for food and drink only downside not too many fun things to do ie bowling.. Going into my 3rd year and feels like I’ve been there 2 minutes!

9 July 2018

Loughborough university provides an incredible and inclusive social environment for its students. There are incredibly active welfare associations and lots of clubs and societies to join.

3 July 2018

Overall Loughborough has been an absolutely amazing experience. I have loved the past two years here and am so excited to continue my journey for another year!

26 June 2018

Absoloutely amazing campus. Such a community feel and everyone looks out for everyone. Beautiful campus and buildings.

15 June 2018

Overall tutors are reliable and helpful. Their active research informs the course and practice which benifits us. The resources we are able to access are satisfactory to accomplish our briefs however it is evident tge school of the arts recieves very little funding to improve equipment and available tools whixh would only better our work. More funding and attention to the school of the arts is necessary to cement it's reputation against other art courses. Moreover there is also a lack of space particularly for graphic design students. Design studios where we have to work are cramped with the group sizes we have whixh means we struggle to make full use of our limited studio hours.

13 June 2018

A large campus with a fantastic union. The facilities are modern and sufficient for many sport activities. Academic facilities also good but could be further expanded in some departments. Atmosphere and community are extremely welcoming and well integrated.

11 June 2018

Campus is great, it has everything a student needs but campus shops can be a little pricey plus campus shuttles can take a while after 4pm. Facilities are great however especially the sports ones. Library and gym are awesome. My course was very tough and I think the courses at loughborough in general are very challenging as I've heard from other students. Hopefully it's all worth it though! Students union has a big variety of societies and I'm sure anyone can find one that suits them. There are a lot of opportunities to get involved in volunteering or part time work on campus on real projects that you're genuinely interested in and can be used to not only enhance your university experience but also to develop your skill set and cv strength. Careers services has been amazing, they provide a wide range of workshops to do with job applications, essay writing, interview prep etc. They also provide quick advice or long consultations to help you in your next chapter in life. There is a friendly and helpful environment within the organisation and this helps especially at stressful times as a student. Some cons about the uni (to keep it fair) is that the teaching can sometimes be sub-par and more support is needed to the students from some of the teachers. Also, being a highly ranked sports uni, they take great pride in being unbeaten bucs champions for nearly 40 years but being on the basketball team, I can tell anyone that there's a dark side. Sports schedules can sometimes be demanding which is good and expected but that needs to be accompanied with more student support, which I feel Loughborough lacks in. Also there is a very "win win win" approach and unfortunately this comes at the expense of athlete development. Barely any emphasis on increasing athlete potential as far as my basketball experiences tell me and it's almost all about "win for us so we can stay on top". It doesnt make it any better that players had to pay 200£ per season after being selected on the team where we didn't even get to keep our kit (we had to give them back after every game) plus some away games on weekends we had to chip in the transport costs (I mean, really). It was also compulsory for us to buy a full lboro sport tracksuit. I came to Loughborough partly for the sports and I was quite disappointed with it. I know several other players on my team who felt a similar way. In fact, In my second season 4 out of the 5 starting five suspended themselves for a period of time due to the increasing work demands and this links to my previous point about the lack of student support for the student athletes. Compare this to the big American universities who also pride themselves in sporting excellence, only except they have whole departments dedicated to student athlete academic support. I know many players come to Loughborough after being one of the best players in their region and even in the country, expecting to come to Loughborough as a stepping stone to reach professional status all whilst gaining a degree at the same time. That's a beautiful aspiration but unfortunately many come out disappointed and I blame this on lack of support and lack of player development. All in All, loughborough university has been a great experience in every single way through the highs and the lows and it is really an amazing university but if they spent more time on developing people (like an oxbridge approach, with a little more lboro flavour) rather than just maintaining ranking status, I think they could be one of the best in the country.

10 June 2018

I think Loughborough has great sports facilities. It also has great nightlife and amazing community feel. Careers service is second to none and highly recomm be this university

7 June 2018

Great uni, really enjoyed my first year, sports facilities are amazing and room and accomodation is great. Really good freshers, throw you straight into it all to make new friends and make you feel straight at home

7 June 2018

Loughborough has a beautiful campus, one of UK largest one site campus! The career network in Loughborough is excellent and have been extremely helpful in helping us secure jobs. The student Life is also really fun, especially due to having the one site campus!

4 June 2018

First year as a commuting student has been a successful one. Mostly due to the support and online resources offered by all modules.

2 May 2018

The campus is lively, the lecture halls are modern and the people are great. Freshers week was a must and there were lots of fun activities to take part in. The halls have inter hall competition which are fun such as football or tennis which is always good for your health, the gyms are exceptional and healthy, the shop to buy food can be overpriced but only if you buy expensive stuff.

2 May 2018

The university is excellent particularly in terms of sports facilities and helping with future career opportunities/work placements.

2 May 2018

Loughborough University has many opportunities from societies to day trips,you name it!! You have a great academic support system and lets not forget about our tremendous sports facilities! One Big family!

30 April 2018

Sports are the key, mad social life with the union being one of the best nights. Town is a bit rough round the edges but overall an amazing uni. 3 years well spend, campus is high tech and very interesting, lots of green and lots of new buildings

29 April 2018

I am a student livening at home, and therefore one of the most positive things for me about loughborough is the availability of support. For example module work is always available on the learn portal which is useful when travelling to lectures is difficult.

27 April 2018

Campus is huge but over-rated. For some reason Loughborough is voted best for student experience, I believe this to be a fix, the Union is nothing impressive and the town dead on a majority. Most other universities in big cities have a much better student experience.