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18 November 2018

Loughborough university is incredible! It provides a wide range of facilities in the campus such as gym, medical centre etc. International students feel like home as there are several events for them to socialise .

18 November 2018

Okay uni but support isn't great. I suffered severe depression and anxiety my whole time here - would say I was almost bullied by certain people I lived with. (What's funny is the bully was the well-being mentor who is the person you are meant to go to when you are feeling troubled). Sad, but I'm glad I'm out and getting better over time.

27 April 2018

Campus is huge but over-rated. For some reason Loughborough is voted best for student experience, I believe this to be a fix, the Union is nothing impressive and the town dead on a majority. Most other universities in big cities have a much better student experience.

26 April 2018

The university is in a good location, quiet and mostly students in the middle of Loughborough. Great peers, not so great teaching quality...

7 April 2018

English and Drama course was not the best. Very unorganised with little module options for finalists. That said, the university itself is excellent and I would have enjoyed it much more had I been in another department. Student voice is highly emphasised and is listened to.