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28 November 2018

While the Fresher's Events were very well organised by the University, and within our hall by the hall committee members, I didn't necessarily find the fresher's 2 weeks very enjoyable. There were events and clubbing everyday, and in the second week of Fresher's we had classes too. It was far too hectic. One is not forced to go to every event, but not going feels unsocial. I don't drink much either, and beyond a point most people get so drunk during the night that it's almost impossible to have fun with them, unless you're as drunk yourself. It's a very safe environment, with hall committee members and volunteers helping and guiding throughout. They try to create a good sense of community in each Halls, practicing hall chants and the Hall Committee leading us to the clubs in the Students Union. We had to pay for our (mandatory) Hall merch, but they didn't have enough t-shirts for all the students, which was a bummer because on some nights the dress code was the hall t-shirts.

28 November 2018

Move in was so smooth someone was always there to make sure we don't get lost all committe members nicely introduced them self and their role and how it works for their halls ! The party's were too good ! Just too much hatred for other halls that's I don't appreciate

28 November 2018

When we were moving in it felt well organised as there were people waiting to help take in your belongings from the car to your new room to help you settle in faster. Freshers itself was well organised with lots of activities provided for a range of different people for example sober nights for those that didn't like to drink, we were encouraged to mingle and make friends with more people in our halls as very often we had pre drinks all together which was a good idea.

28 November 2018

Got a very warm welcome from Loughborough university during the move in and settled down very comfortably. Freshers' was extremely enjoyable and created memories never to be forgotten.

28 November 2018

Loughborough freshers was the most amazing twelve days of my life. All of the halls have specifi freshers themes so from the minute your parents drop you off there a team of dedicated fresher helper to help you move in and then give you the best freshers experience in the county. From nights out to sober movie nights to pub quizzes there is something for everyone. Also a really useful tour around the town in your first week.

28 November 2018

The amount of activities was very good, we had lots of trips to the union and town aswell as sober day events such as dog petting and sports. However my reason for the three stars is that I didn't feel u had a proper week to settle in as freshers week events happened whilst I had my first week of lectures.

9 July 2018

If you love and American style university atomosohere you’ll love Loughborough and it’s freshers week is no different. You and your hall mates will battle it out throughout the week against other halls. This all leads to one big sing off at the end which determines who’s the king.

5 July 2018

The fresher helpers were extremely useful with the move in and guiding us on nights out and at social events. There was always someone to talk to if I had an issue and the 2nd years made my experience thoroughly enjoyable. Not only this but I was able to meet so many new people because of the events and socials that we’re put on for us

7 June 2018

Way better than you could imagine! Literally non stop, plus it's 2 weeks long and there's a refreshers mud way through the year

4 June 2018

The first 3 days (of my experience at least) were pretty alcohol heavy. I’d say if your a non-drinker, find other non-drinkers to have fun with because it can be pretty sucky when everyone is wasted and you’re not. I didn’t drink after day 1 because I didn’t want to make a bad impression. Found out it didn’t really matter because you don’t make your real friends till Like November. So just enjoy it!

4 May 2018

There where loads of events organised by the second years which where all fun and got you to meet loads of new people. Only negative was that it would have been good to have a document with all the important info about halls rather than loads of individual things. To much info couldn't take it all in

27 April 2018

Freshers’ Week was awesome! All of the activities and nights out were well organised and it was just a really great atmosphere to meet people and make lots of new friends!

17 April 2018

Organisation was great and events were a great way to meet new friends and get an idea of campus life. There was something for everyone's music taste which was refreshing and everything was cheap which helped everyone get involved

16 April 2018

Amazing committee members and fresher helpers organised two weeks of really great fun, mixing us up with other blocks in our hall to socialise.

16 April 2018

Most of the halls are really well organised for the week. All have a different theme, loads of freshers fairs going on with free stuff and loads of information, super inclusive of drinkers/non drinkers/cultural differences

15 April 2018

It's a 2 week longs freshers! Most days are involving daytime events and nighttime. A great time to get to know your halls and settle into university! There are plenty of ice breaker activities and you are sure to make plenty of new friends if you get stuck in!

14 April 2018

When you move in there a loads of students to help you carry your luggage and they'll show you around the hall and take you to outside your room. They answer any initial questions you may have and will chat to your parents also. It's good because you already know a friendly face from the get go. I stayed in Towers hall, each hall will organise their own freshers. Towers freshers is organised way in advance by the social secs of the committee so it's super organised and safe. The acitivities include day time ones as well as at night and then at the end there is freshers ball, which is the best part in my opinion bc everyone gets dolled up. You pree with your whole floor so you get to know everyone quite quickly, you don't have to go out if you don't want to e.g. If you're exhausted or if you don't feel well etc. Overall my advice would be to be open to all the opportunities, and different types of people. Do not judge people on first impression, people are nervous and you don't know their story yet give them a chance. If you want to try out for sports there's a sports fair, make sure you ask them when they have try outs for whatever sport you want so you don't miss them. If your freshers don't go as well as you hoped then don't worry there's plenty more time to find your people. Enjoy first year!

8 April 2018

Freshers’ Week was amazing! There were loads of activities and nights out that took place. Making new friends will be easy, just be yourself and enjoy the experience!

2 April 2018

Freshers fairs were good but I’m disabled and literally 0 consideration was made for how I’d be able to access a lot of the freshers events. Really sad it ruined it.

30 March 2018

Smooth move in, plenty of help with bags and directions. Everyone very friendly. Good range of events and nights out, suits the majority of freshers. Tips for new students include getting involved where possible and not being afraid to meet people.

29 March 2018

Move in was extremely good, they really made you feel part of the community and helped you settle in. the nights out fairly trash however and were very uninspired

26 March 2018

Very good, don’t remember much tho as there were Very good, don’t remember much tho as there were Very good, don’t remember much tho as there were Very good, don’t remember much tho as there were Very good, don’t remember much tho as there were

25 March 2018

Felt very welcome on arrival and met all of my new flat mates as soon as I arrive. Freshers week was very well organised with lots of events happening on each day that involved everyone with lots of different activities. I met lots of new people from all over the university and have stayed friends ever since.

24 March 2018

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