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18 November 2018

My experience at LSBU although sometimes the ability to actually find somewhere to sit down and eat was hard as most of the places were already taken and we couldn't go to the library as no hot food is allowed. My course director was amazing.

18 November 2018

I have recently started attending this university and am absolutely fulfilled in the choice I made. I am studying law and I find the lecturers to be more supportive than I expected. Another thumbs up is for how they have a wellbeing team always there and very visible should a student need any form of help or just someone to talk to every now and again. This university has many societies and many opportunities for us as law students to attend various events from getting the chance to see lawyers in action to hearing about someone's inspirational journey to making it where they want to in life. Thank you LSBU!

Gloria Amponsah
18 November 2018

I really enjoyed my academic time at this uni. I had a lot of help when needed and teachers done their best to help and explain learning in dept.

18 November 2018

The facilities in my university are quite good. There is alot to do for everyone. I have been loving my course. It's something I always wanted tl do. It will definitely take me to a good career option in tbe future. I joined the student union. I have been trying to avail all the facilities in my university and you get a lot of help with that. I became my course rep which is quite good for my CV.

18 November 2018

This uni is an amazing uni. All the facilities are great and everyone is friendly and welcoming especially for freshers who are new to everything.

18 November 2018

The University has excellent facilities and lecturers. The ACI (Arts & Creative Industries) section of the school is fantastic! The equipment that we have access to is above many others. The location is so amazing, central London. And the atmosphere is great.

7 July 2018

The campus is not the best looking neither does it have the most up to date facilities. It's also a maze and hard to find places if you're new. There's a gym, but it's massively overpriced.

25 June 2018

LSBU is a great university, the courses are well run and i definately recommend it. The healthcare course are run brilliantly, the placements offered are great

23 June 2018

The night life at LSBU was incredible, with Ministry of Sound being a road away. However, even though the course was interesting, not much support was given especially to those that commuted.

21 June 2018

Decent enough university within an okay area of London, with good access to surrounding locations. Not much to do in the student union, and there are very few societies worth joining.

20 June 2018

Considering all the people said it wasn't a good university I actually really enjoyed my time here. It may not be the top university but as long as you do what is necessary to achieve that all that matters. The staff were great to teach especially in the lectures. I'd totally do the whole experience all over again.

13 June 2018

The campus is right in the centre of London which means there is good access to shops, nightlife and other facilities. I am taking English Literature and LSBU is the perfect place for it as it is close to many theatres such as the Young Vic. The union and staff are incredibly helpful and go above and beyond to ensure you are happy.

Feyintola Shodipo
10 June 2018

Doing my masters course, straight after graduating from a previous university was a scary experience however my tutors have made it so easy to adjust and provided me with exceptional assistance. Being young and completing a masters degree is difficult, however with academic support, I feel reassured and confident in my progress so far.

5 June 2018

Excellent allround great facilities, always there for help and support. Provide students with many options for learning and alternatives.

9 May 2018

Right in the heart of London, encompassed by every famous landmark. London South Bank University is neighbourly, assorted and comprehensive and brimming with real life opportunities. The lecturers are very helpful and dedicated to providing students with the best learning possible. The student union is constantly holding new events to incorporate everyone and keep things exciting.

4 May 2018

Campus and layout is easy to navigate around and is very secure. Student services are amazing and they’re always there to help you if you have any problems.

4 May 2018

This university’s location is brilliant, accessible and exceptionally convenient as it close to numerous bus stops, and nearby train stations that allow me to commute to uni everyday without fail. The facilities at london southbank are sufficient and include a library which is where majority of the students spend their time to complete assignments and revise.

3 May 2018

LSBU is a great place to study a vocational course, especially healthcare related. They have lots of facilities and skills labs where you can practise skills before going out into practice. The Southwark campus is in a great location in Elephant and Castle.

29 April 2018

The uni location is great where the campus is near by to the study areas etc. Quick to get to different places.

28 April 2018

Campus is lovely and people are super friendly and helpful. I have chosen a fantastic course and I’m super happy with my decision and the overall experience so far

19 April 2018

Excellent faculty staff; extremely kind and cooperative. I started my First Year over here as an international student and I love it here. The environment for a student is perfect

19 April 2018

Excellent faculty staff; extremely kind and cooperative. I started my foundation programme in LSBU and I look forward to finish my bachelors from there. No#.1 university for engineering according to modern university

18 April 2018

Social sciences has the highest grades within the university, I am satisfied with the modules and how the course is layed out in general.

17 April 2018

Lots of place to study. You can always find seats to eat and study. Great location for for people that love subway, chicken and Tesco meal deals