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18 November 2018

Campus buildings are nice with good facilities, however very limited contact hours and limited support from most lecturers after hours. Student bar is nice. Good student centre support with home issues etc. Sometimes slow feedback. Not enough support with exams in terms of past papers etc.

18 November 2018

The course was interesting however they were not structured enough to the specific course. We were also not able to use enough equipment within the university.

18 November 2018

This university is located in the heart of london with many attractions surrounding it and is very accessible. There are a variety of cultures and ethnicities at this university giving me a unique experience in getting to know people from different backgrounds. The lecturers at this university are very suppotive and willing to help at all times. There are also many great facilities with in the university.

25 June 2018

LSBU is a great university, the courses are well run and i definately recommend it. The healthcare course are run brilliantly, the placements offered are great

23 June 2018

The night life at LSBU was incredible, with Ministry of Sound being a road away. However, even though the course was interesting, not much support was given especially to those that commuted.

Feyintola Shodipo
10 June 2018

Doing my masters course, straight after graduating from a previous university was a scary experience however my tutors have made it so easy to adjust and provided me with exceptional assistance. Being young and completing a masters degree is difficult, however with academic support, I feel reassured and confident in my progress so far.

18 April 2018

Social sciences has the highest grades within the university, I am satisfied with the modules and how the course is layed out in general.

17 April 2018

Lots of place to study. You can always find seats to eat and study. Great location for for people that love subway, chicken and Tesco meal deals

16 April 2018

The university is okay but as it isn’t a campus university it really does lack the whole university experience kind of feeling. The SU is the only place you can really hang out and it’s not the biggest but it still works! I had barley any lectures throughout my course which I was quite disappointed in (giving how much I paid) and I do think that there are better unis out there!

10 April 2018

The university is a good for its location. I have met loads of nice people and made really good friends fue to the university but the course is not good at all. The photography course is one of the worst in London, it’s also the only one that doesn’t have a dark room facility and promotes being all digital like it’s the best thing. The course has no direction and I don’t feel like I have learnt enough. I am not confident enough to go out in the world and work in photography even though the university promotes being one of the best for graduate jobs and preparing you for “life”.

6 April 2018

First living in London but it's s very pleasant location with everything local from 2 Tescos a Sainsbury and a 24 hour convenience store within walking distance. The learning is good with all lectures uploading lectures on moodle apart from one lecturer.

8 March 2018

the uni is ok nothing speical but it gets the job done. the courses are alright, luckly easier than other univercitys. lectures are good but the only real bad things about the uni is the lack of activitys and socitys as alot of socitys tend to be socitys that have died the previous year but still kept in the univericty website to look like the univercity has many socities

8 March 2018

The campus isn’t really a campus it is just a couple of buildings. My course which is diagnostic radiography is pretty good in comparison to other unis. Have really had much experience of the student union, the services for dyslexia is pretty good and do offer a lot of support if you want it.

27 February 2018

Campus is nice and welcoming. The buildings are big and there’s some nice shops. They could have more spaces for work in libraries - also if they had plug sockets underneath tables in lectures.

21 February 2018

If I'm honest the university itself isn't too bad, some of the buildings are a maze and some aren't great for Wi-Fi but overall it isn't too bad. I think it depends on the course you are doing and the member of staff in that sector as I have found in the healthcare sector a lot of great lecturers have left and then others have to job of taking over all of the lectures without the expertise as the original lecturer and sometimes the support is therefore lax.

15 November 2017

The Campus feels like a School/college Keyworth and K2 buildings are great and make you feel like a university Uni have too many mature students which makes it feel like colleges Lecture theatres are reasonably sized My experience has been great, especially with the Law department. One of the best in the U.K. according to Guardian and I feel like it is Union are very engaging Opportunity to meet a lot of different people especially international