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29 November 2018

Best week of my life, met so many new people. Can not wait for this years freshers to do it all over again and do a lot more partying

29 November 2018

So my flatmates are shit; one of them is now 5 months pregnant and has left uni, one of them has got himself into so much debt with drugs he's now being threatened of his life, and the other two I haven't seen in over a week. It's okay though because I came up with my best mate... who then slept with a boy I had spoke to on the second night of freshers. Useful tips for students: if you think your flatmates look weird, they probably are and change before moving in. Best friends? Ha who needs them.

29 November 2018

To begin, I moved into my accommodation on the main day for move, which was the Sunday before freshers weeks started. I expected it to be really chaotic so I booked my move in at an early time (10am-ish). There were loads of staff and volunteers to help me carry my belongings to my new room which was helpful because there was no parking new the accommodation and parking wardens were ticketing so everyone literally had to throw things out of the cars and move them to a car park down the road before they got in trouble. This was stressful. I didn't really have time to talk to anyone (either the staff who were offering advice and snacks downstairs, or any other new students). It was very rushed. My advice for moving in would be to get some cardboard boxes to put little stuff or odd shaped things in because it makes it easier to carry or load on to trolleys which a lot of accommodation use. I think a lot of students stress that when they go to uni, they get thrown into the course straight away. This didn't happen for me. My course had a 'freshers week' timetable (I think most do to be fair). We spent an hour one or two days in the week discussing the course for the year. I got given programme and module guides so I had an idea of what I would be studying in the upcoming year. In other sessions various other members of the university met with us, such a librarians and study support staff to give us info about studying at uni and we also met with student union reps who gave advice on general studying and living in the city away from home. My course also organised activities outside of uni to introduce us to the city and help us bond with course mates better. We went kayaking on Albert Docks. Pretty cool experience though not many people on the course showed up. You find that a lot I think that students think freshers week course stuff is optional. I would suggest doing everything anyway because 1) most of the time you're given useful info to help with your studies. 2) it helps you to meet the people on your course..odds are the people showing up for these things are the people who work hard too so it's probably worth introducing yourself in case you need them later on too. And 3) staff DO notice who doesn't attend and it just looks bad on you. An event I remember being put on by the uni was the freshers welcome fair (different from freshers fair..I'll get to that). The welcome fair had stalls for all kind stuff of things but predominantly, they were informative and advice kind of booths. I signed up for my new GP here, spoke to some local police officers, signed up to volunteer for Liverpool FC's foundation, and found information on jobs available in the uni I could apply for as a student. Many people I know didn't attend this but I found this more useful that freshers fair because it was loaded with information. I can't remember whether freshers fair was actually in freshers week but I think it was so I'll talk about it haha. This event was massive. Every society and club you could possibly want to join at uni is here trying to get you to sign on. Don't be afraid to go to everyone. Get informed. Put your name down. You're not signing you soul away, you're just registering your interest. People will just walk up to you and it's hard to avoid them, best sometimes to just listen to what they say sometimes. You never know what you might find interesting. Bars and clubs had stalls here too so I could learn a little bit about the popular areas to go out (useful if you want to meet people). Quick tips for freshers from me: only being the necessities from home..if you think you might need it but don't use it often, put it in a box a few weeks before you move. If you never take it out odds are you won't use it. You'll probably iron three times at uni so don't bother buying an iron haha. My flat mate bought one and one was provided anyway. Also, Ikea shops are a big deal and you can get some absolute bargains but I'd still look around because sometimes you can find better things cheaper from somewhere else..just saying. Although they have coat hangers for £1.25 for 10. Black ones. These are amazing!! Definitely recommend. I budgeted for uni before I came but I've realised that since the 1st week I've never stuck to it..especially if you join a sports team because they'll ask you to buy specific stuff for a theme and it'll blow your budget out the water. Don't be scared to say no or you can't afford it but be aware that's where your money will go. Go to everything though. Uni lectures, workshops and social events. Don't be embarrassed to show up and don't be scared to say no but you'll love it really. I wasn't excited to come to uni. Not scared but just not interested really. I've changed now though. I love the city and I'm so happy to be a John Moores Ranger!! :-)

29 November 2018

During freshers week we was given freshers wristbands to gain say que entry this allowed us to meet other ooeple

29 November 2018

The was a wide range of events but many were based on abroad type parties such as foam parties etc. We didn't want to do any of these and this view was shared by a lot of people. The queues were massive but freshers wristbands are over priced. More locations should be used and not just have one event per day, have them on at a couple of places per night.

8 July 2018

It was ok to be honest i am just writing this for the free voucher. I am quite high and cant rreslly Be nothered to write much more

26 June 2018

Freshers for LJMU was great. Literally everything was hassle free and comfortable. The best part is freshers is 2 weeks, first week is all 1st years, so it’s good getting to know everywhere and everyone, then the rest of the students come creating a great atmosphere. Would recommend LJMU for many reasons and the great freshers week is one

1 May 2018

Freshers was an amazing experience meeting new people from different backgrounds. I love my uni life

26 April 2018

My freshers week was awesome, it lasted 2 weeks and I can’t complain as cheap drinks, lots of promos and meet loads of people from back home! It’s hard not to go on a night out in Liverpool

25 April 2018

Freshers week was up to now the best week of my life. Everyone is so friendly and chatty and there is no judgement with ‘difference’. Everyone is so diverse and that’s the best thing about meeting new people during freshers. You learn about different things and just go out all the time. It’s so much fun.

21 April 2018

Very good move in experience in the accommodation. Made friends with all of my flat mates straight away and are all close to this day ! Went out into Liverpool for a night out for the first time, and it was amazing !

9 April 2018

Freshers week at LJMU was a blast! Meet some amazing people and went out every night lol, however they freshers wristbands which they should for £50! We’re a waste of money as the events were neither full of at good clubs, I was lucky as I had a flat mate from the area so I saved my money and followed her. I also have an issue with how the uni doesn’t put much effort in for students who commute, I lived in halls first year but for finical reasons moved back home, but if your a first year in freshers commuting the uni doesn’t do much for them there isn’t even a society!

8 April 2018

Freshers week in Liverpool 2017 was a good experience overall with a variety of music genres. However, there is a lot of pressure put on students to buy the expensive wristbands; when in reality you may not want to go to every event and it’s cheaper to make friends and just go to bars in the city compared to paying entry for student events.

2 April 2018

When I moved in, I decided in stead of being my usual quiet self I decided to be brave and put myself in a situation to get to know people. I would advise this because everyone is in the same boat and are just as nervous as you. Some people may not have the same courage so make the first move!!!

23 March 2018

The move-in experience was weird as it was the first time leaving home, but everyone was so friendly and they even had a BBQ for us. The events which were on at freshers were good and there was a wide range of things to do. Meeting new people was a bit scary and weird but as soon as you do it, it was fine, and you make friends for life. My tip would be don’t be scared to go and Knock on someone’s door on the first night and go out.