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Leeds Trinity University began as two small Catholic teaching training colleges less than 50 years ago, and has since transformed into to university which has educated thousands of students past and present.

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Student Population
Female / Male Students
66% Female
34% Male
Full / Part Students
92% Full Time
8% Part Time
International Students
98% Domestic
2% International
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Leeds Trinity University Reviews

Latest Reviews

Rose Welch

I graduated Leeds Trinity in 2013 - what drew me to it was the small size, it definitely has a community feel. It does feel safe, not so massive that you would feel insignificant in a sea of students. I enjoyed many a blurry night in the SU seeing all the people I'd met from my course, and making friends with my friends from halls coursemates too. It's situated in a really cute little village but is also easily accessible from Leeds so you can enjoy everything the city has to offer. Also very close to Headingley (Student Central) I'd highly recommend living in Headingly. Everyone lives there. From all three unis. and it's on the Otley run so you will always see people walking between pubs in fancy dress. I studied Psychology and the lecturers are very good - really passionate and interesting to listen to, which is important when your hanging from the night before! Each student has a personal tutor too which I found really helpful. They get to know you through your course so can be really helpful and write you a personalised reference if you're applying for jobs or anything! Also you get to have an advisor for your dissertation in your final year, that is dependant on which topic you choose to do, so your mentor has the most knowledge on that topic. I think I had Kevin who gave me lots of notes and advise, looked through my experiment results with me and was very encouraging! Only negative (which may have changed since I went) was that for my two placements, on the form you fill out if you want the University to find you a placement, I'd put down I'd like something in the Forensic Psychology area, or Developmental, one of the most interesting areas and both times was in Psychology for the workplace which was my third choice, but both placements were VERY dull and did not inspire me at all. It was also quite stressful as they were both secured really last minute. So I would recommend trying to find your placement yourself to avoid being disappointed. When I was there I was in Kirkstall halls which were great fun, really sociable and more affordable than the newer ones, but honestly the newer ones are very nice but I think Kirkstall is a bit more sociable as there's one kitchen on each floor which facilitates meeting lots of people rather than being in a small flat of a few people. If you are a germaphobe don't go for shared bathrooms... Overall had a great time and have wonderful memories of this place!


Leeds Trinity University
Brownberrie Lane
LS18 5HD
United Kingdom