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6 December 2018

Freshers at Kingston was quite poor... the move in bbq on the first day had far too little food that most of us had to go out and get alternate food. The freshers wristband was ridiculously overpriced, as we later found out that most of the events advertised were free entry anyway, and if you didn't enter before a certain time (again, not specified in the freshers emails/ wristbands/ anything) you had to pay regardless of whether you had a wristband or not. The £25 freshers ball was terrible and that was the only event that you needed to pay for, so there was no point getting a wristband. There were only 40 spaces on the bath bomb workshop - the only non-bar/club event - which was free anyway and didn't require a wristband so most missed out. So essentially, the £35-£50 freshers wristband that we bought (depending on how early you got them) was a MASSIVE scam by the university's student union, and I and all my friends would strongly advise against next years freshers from purchasing them to mostly free and also poor events. The freshers fair was pretty decent, lots of free stuff and society's to join. Moving in to top floor accommodation without lifts wasn't fun, but there is a very student friendly atmosphere in my block so it's great for meeting new friends. I would recommend that new students be wise on how they spend their money, but also BE SURE TO SOCIALISE as it'll distract you from missing home, and ensure you set off on the right foot in terms of making a good group of friends and connections.

6 December 2018

Freshers week this time round was a good one. I've been uni before , the course wasn't right for me so I took a gap year & I came back to a different uni. This time I stayed in student accommodation. I had such a good time, I met so many new people & went to so many events that first week. Events I was only able to know about from saying im halls. My advice for first year students in stay in halls, you'll probably have a blast. Don't mind how messy your flat mates will be just look after yourself, tidy up after your self & keep your stuff safe & preferbly locked away. Have fun but don't forget to do your work. That part is so important you won't want to regret it.

5 December 2018

Freshers Week was not great. Unless you already know people at your university, going out during freshers can seem boring. Most people are with their groups of friends, so trying to meet new people may seem hard. When you're living in a flat with less social people, it is harder to socialise with bigger groups. Advice: meet people on your campus before going for nights out.

5 December 2018

The night life in Kingston is not really geared towards all cultures and because of this, my overall experience was not good. The fresher's events at the university didn't attract me at all.

5 December 2018

Freshers definitely revolved around getting cold on a night out, which isn't a bad thing. Kingston is a student based town and it offers a lot in regards to clubbing and shopping. Freshers fayre was amazing and there were so many freebies and free food so I got fat and happy during that week. There were a lot of off campus events to bring you closer to your year group, like London zoo trips, and London tours for international students or for those who haven't had the chance to explore the capital. I'd recommend getting your nus and uni jumpers at freshers as they are so cheap compared to when your in your final year of study! My move in was alright, I was on the 6th floor... They gave each set of halls a colour to wear so we could all go out and rep our new digs. It was a right laugh as I got creative with another fresher and we wore blue wigs!

5 December 2018

Freshers' Week was full of so many activities, but as a person who does not enjoy going clubbing or large crowds, there was not much to do. It was quite disappointing to say the least.

16 June 2018

The fair's were overwhelming because they offered such a wide variety of things from clubs to getting involved in activities to meeting new people on the way that are interested in the same things

19 April 2018

Very fun experience, met many people as there were many clubs and societies out there To recruit. Many people were looking for friends just like me so it was easier to connect with others. The food was good and it was very fun as there were many friendly and warm People. Just go there and be yourslef.

31 March 2018

Lots of activities and things to experience, however very crowded due to work being done on usual area. Great experience overall.

21 March 2018

Sick af good laughs good gaffs with the guys went out for booz and had a laugh events were good fun too lol