Review Breakdown

Resources and Equipment
Organisation & Communication
Enjoyment Factor
Social Experience
The Committee
Value for Money


29 December 2017

The event organised by the society is heavily subsidise and all the event is planned in an organised way to foster the relationship between members and provide support for the member as an international student. Taking part in the largest event of the society which is Malaysian Night is truly an unforgettable memory.

28 December 2017

A great place to meet new friends, and wonderful social events for members. Events are well-organised and publicised. Committee members put a lot of effort into managing the society and of course, the annual Malaysian Night is the awesome event to attend.

28 December 2017

Events are carried out on a frequent manner, and are relevant. The society reaches out for their member to obtain reviews and opinions in order to accommodate the members' interests. Events and activities carried out are very organised. The good functionality of the entire society and the committee can be seen. Members are updated with news and events frequently on various platforms. Members do not feel left out no matter which year they are in. This is overall a well maintained and organised society, considering the huge number of members in it.

28 December 2017

A lot of interesting activities organized. Welfare of members well-taken care. Membership fee is very cheap and worth the value. Members are well informed on all the activities through the promotion from Facebook and Newsletter.