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Organisation of Socials
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Freshers' Fair


9 December 2018

Great events and loads of interesting people, had fun throughout the week, student union bar is the best

9 December 2018

It was good to get to know new people and start to fit in and also I was lucky to be in a good corridor in halls with other people who j got on well and I that was fun.

9 December 2018

Really run although I recommend not turning up too late to skip the small talk! The events they hosted were varied and fun.

9 December 2018

Freshers week was great. There were lots of fun activities like go karting, escape rooms and trampolining for discounted prices. It made it easy to socialise and meet people outside of your course or in your course in other years. Everyone was very welcoming and helpful. Lots and lots of free pizza and shakes.

9 December 2018

Some of the events were really good, but some of the others weren't (mostly due to the venues chosen). It was also quite expensive (£95 for a wristband that allowed you entry into these events over two weeks). However, it did make meeting new people a lot easier so in that aspect Freshers was very good. Useful tips for new students: keep your drink on you (so it doesn't stand a chance of being spiked) and you don't have to go to each event. If you're not genuinely interested in a night, don't feel you have to go.

9 August 2018

Move in experience was pretty good, initial event for meeting new people was quite awkward and most ended up sticking to flat mates/ People they’d met straight away in halls. The events were really fun, most revolved around heavy drinking which is great for most but not the most inclusive for all. Difficult to make friends at the events personally, everyone seemed to already have predetermined groups from the first day or 2 based on who they’d met on the 1st day, who they knew from before uni or otherwise, and I felt on the fringes of many friendships

8 August 2018

2 weeks of fun, very welcoming and tons of things to do every night, including those hosted by accommodation halls, student union, and individual clubs and socs

5 July 2018

Lots of nice people to help me move in Very helpful when getting to know the area and the university Overall great experience Fresher' s fair was amazing, especially as it brings everyone together and is also an opportunity to meet new people.

24 June 2018

Freshers is fun but the biggest point I want to make is that, at least at Imperial, you’re expected to attend different welcome lectures, registrations, health and safety meetings etc. all through the first 2 weeks, many of them starting at 9am. I didn’t go to a few and was never called up on it, but it came as a bit of a shock when I saw a 9am lecture on the Tuesday of week 1. Moving in was made fairly easy and the warden team definitely make a lot of effort to be welcoming and helpful, which makes the whole experience nicer. There’ll also be a few meet-and-greet activities arranged by the wardens which are seriously cringey, but going to 1 or 2 does help you meet your flat mates.

7 June 2018

Pretty nice starting new at uni, going out there and making new friends. I felt great getting to know is new people and joining new clubs, partying harder than before and not really worrying about my course too much.

11 April 2018

The move in experience is very well organized and we got into our halls very quickly. It differed between halls, but I imagine all are well ran. We had a few social organized organized by the hall wardens almost very night in the common room, ranging from grabbing pizza to drinks. The university organized Freshers events were mediocre at best and highly over priced. The good side is that you're in London and have plenty of other options.

3 April 2018

Absolutely great I have made so many mateys and it’s just been amazing I didn’t think I could have so much fun and work so hard at the same time

1 April 2018

To be honest, it was pretty horrendous. However, speaking to lots of other people their experiences were also disappointing with regards to the university. Having said that, I met the most amazing people so I recommend going with an open mind people it's the people that make freshers week at the end of the day.

24 March 2018

Don’t be afraid to go and talk to people you don’t know because no one knows each other anyway. Make new friends, be merry.