Law Society



In my opinion I will say that when it comes to society and clubs they don’t put into consideration other day society, clubs or people’s believes, faith, traditions. Like for example you won’t see a Muslim person at an African Caribbean party where everything will be there will go against their beliefs. So I think all this societies should start considering other people.


I love the law society for several reasons: 1. I am on the commitee as 1st yr rep 2. It is all about inclusion it includes people from art, business and mechanical engineering just to name a few. 3. The weekly socials 4.the networking.

Karolina Stepien

There's lots of activities, from trips to law talks and nights out. I Have just been to Manchester to see a law fair with the society, it was 5 £ which was a great opportunity to go talk to law firms to help u choose where u want to apply to. The society has always got talk on to help u with ur future decisions, like prospect talks and lawyers. The 10 pounds to join is well worth it, the commity is very friendly as well always helpfull