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Move-in Experience
Organisation of Socials
The Events
Value for Money
Freshers' Fair


3 January 2019

Moving in was pretty simple, I arrived at the office for liberty living and was swiftly appointed to my room. And was given an introduction on the spaces. Freshers week had lots of activities during the day and night such as meet and greets, and the societies fair. The nights out and events were well promoted and it was clear what was going on during the days

3 January 2019

Not as good as you think. I didn't know anyone so I had to make friends when I went out. I lived in a studio which didn't help

3 January 2019

Fresher's week is pretty wild in Leicester and tends to last a month or two. It started off pretty fun but the excitement does wear off rather quickly.

3 January 2019

I remember the day I moved in. That day there was a very big mix of emotions, I was terrified but excited, nervous but confident. Moving to University is a massive change Staying healthy during Freshers Week was a task, especially with freshers' flu going around. All the late nights, alcohol and tempting take aways can give your body a hard time. I took Vitamin C tablets during that first week especially, as the big change of moving plus all the stuff i was putting into my body could be hard on my immune system. All in all It was a good week to form friendships especially with housemates and also it took my mind off being homesick whilst i adjusted to living alone. I didn't let myself get lonely in that first week, and before I knew it living alone was completely normal and I was dreading moving back home!

3 January 2019

Very good and enjoyable , I advise new students to buy the wristband because it is definitely worth it . You can meet new people easily and go to some great events.

3 January 2019

They played the same DJ who played the same songs at all the events. Tickets were very over priced and drinks at venues were too expensive

3 January 2019

Freshers week is an opportunity to meet your new house mates and course mates. You get to experience the city and the university and what it has to offer. Freshers week within Leicester there is something to do day and night. From events taking place at the University, events ran internally and externally and events done by student accommodations. With freshers week you need to be open to meeting new people but don't fall into peer pressure.

3 January 2019

I have joined for masters . Freshers day there are several stalls for stuent clubs and societies and we were divided into two groups for trip

3 January 2019

The events were very good, but some queues were really long. The atmosphere was good and the choice of venues were picked well, as they were quite close to campus and there was a variety.

3 January 2019

Best experience ever I recommend to enjoy freshers to the fullest because it is really worth it. Make sure you engage with other people be free to meet new people at freshers week

7 July 2018

Great way to make friends, everything well organised and all one thing I would suggest is maybe someone to help lost drunk students as when you've had a few the campus becomes like a maze or great big signs saying halls this way

6 July 2018

Amazing events held all week and all events are suitable for anybody 18+! A fantastic week to make friends for life.

3 July 2018

The first time you move out of your parents home could be a bit scary and lonely but freshers week in first is the best time to make friends and feel relaxed in your new home. Go out EVERYNIGHT or most (you can sleep the next week) mingle and also start connection because the people you start uni with you probably will end up being the best of friend til the end

Deepanshu Deepanshu
26 June 2018

I am from India and as an international student, it is a great experience for me at the time of fresher's week and the pick-up service done by the university. I did not feel any loneliness due to the hospitality and kindness served by the university. Fresher's week is one of the amazing memories of my life where I made many new friends and that week was one of the best weeks of my entire student life. I played many games and did lots of fun with my new friends.

20 June 2018

Had a lot of fun at the events I went to. I bought a freshfest package which included a wristband for entry into all the events however I only ended up going to one event so unless you’re dead set on going to all of them I wouldn’t recommend getting one

19 June 2018

There were lots of activities and the pub crawl was brilliant, a great welcome to the night life in the city! However because I am a student nurse my induction week was full on, making me unable to attend the night events.

16 June 2018

Freshers week was great, the events were definitely planned according to the flayer. Meeting new people was overwhelming and a good experience, it was great and fun meeting new people as I don’t have a lot of friends. For the new students starting university, all I got to say is have fun at freshers week l, enjoy it to the fullest and also enjoy ur experience at university make sure you don’t get lost in the sauce though, do not do things you’re going to regret, be yourself and again have fun.

14 June 2018

Freshers was so good, so many events going on, so many types of musics for diff people. The uni had a good freshers fair. Got so many free things. Lived off free stuff for first couple weeks

9 June 2018

It was honestly great having this time to meet new people and to move in and get settled down. I think it’s useful to know how to get around campus and go to lectures kids! They help you pass with good grades but don’t forget to do a bit of partying too, love the uni life to the extreme.

7 June 2018

Moving into halls was great, sad thing about it was leaving my parents but I got over it pretty quick. Me and my friends partied like never before. All I remember was I lost my voice screaming for Tion Wayne at No manners. An experience me and my friends will never forget

5 June 2018

Plenty of events to help new students return! Loved the location of the societies and Freshers Fair event - really gave the opportunity to look at everything! Could have had an event to help meet new people and make friends outside of classes and accommodation (though societies do lend themselves to this!)

5 June 2018

Freshers week is a very unique experience. Not only are the drinks cheap, good music and good vibes but you get to meet a lot of new people that will make your uni year that much better.

30 April 2018

Freshers week was one of the greatest events here in university, I meet so much new people from arround the globe which where now were are friends from the beginning of the studies, can't wait for another freshers week to meet even more fantastic personas.

25 April 2018

Freshers week was a great experience. From buying the packages with your friends before the events , to the preparation for the events , and the social interactions created before the events, everything was great. I was part of the ACS experience and would recommend that.