Gospel Rhythms



Gospel Rhythms is great, we sing in our parts different gospel songs. Sometimes we have performances - and the people I have met there are great! This is the only one I’ve been to since I started Uni

Rochae Stephens - Morrison

I am 21. I stared university October of 2017 studying Counseling Coaching and Mentoring, and have always loved talking and helping people. As well as this I have always had a passion for arts and music. I grew up listening to mainly reggae and gospel and went to church- I sang at church, lead workship and was the leader for a youth band at church called ‘listen’. Although I don’t really go to church or identify as Christian any more, when I care to Uni the only society that really stuck out for me was Gospel Rythms. It’s basically a Uni gospel choir, we practice songs in harmonies and sometimes have gigs or performances - for me it’s a nice break. Most times if I’m not at Uni i’m At home by myself as I don’t really have any close friends here. Gospel rythms has been good for me to stay connected my my spiritually and to meet some good people


It is an amazing society! Everyone there is friendly and are by far some of the kindest and sweetest people I know. The society is founded on Christian values and the love of Gospel. They hold regular events throughout the year within the university that are usually free of charge. They also collaborate with other societies. They have performed at the BBC a few times, sung for films and enter competition.