City, University of London

Review Breakdown

Move-in Experience
Organisation of Socials
The Events
Value for Money
Freshers' Fair


4 January 2019

Move-in was very easy and enjoyable with a good experience meeting my flatmates and others in the building (although more difficult as there is no common space for my accommodation and the only other way is to meet people at flat-parties). Majority of the events were based around night-outs and clubs or bars, which is not my ideal choice, so lots of my fresher's event and social experiences were created by myself and friends from my course and my flatmates. The university building was very open however and allowed many opportunities to see new faces and make the effort to meet new people.

4 January 2019

I had a really good time at the first week of my freshers, i thought that they had a good variety of nights. However, i think they should of promoted the events much more so that more people would of noticed the events even if they didn't go to that university.

4 April 2018

be yourself ! Freshers’ Week was awesome! All of the activities and nights out were well organised and it was just a really great atmosphere to meet people and make lots of new friends!"

3 April 2018

I think freshers week is the best part of starting university. All freshers should try to go as it is the best way to get started at uni.