Cardiff University

Review Breakdown

Move-in Experience
Organisation of Socials
The Events
Value for Money
Freshers' Fair


6 January 2019

Freshers week at Cardiff University was great! Really good value for money and lots of different socials to attend.

5 January 2019

Nerve racking to say the least it was a exciting time but I couldn't wait to meet some new people and go and party. My first night was amazinf

5 January 2019

Freshers was sick just it ducked and met my mates woooooooooooooooo was so sick

5 January 2019

Meeting new people was amazing, going out in a new city was insane. I enjoyed going to different restaurants and seeing different cultures.

5 January 2019

It was well organised and you could buy the tickets in advance which was useful. It was good value for money and the environment felt safe and secure for a nightclub

5 January 2019

Freshers week was really well planned and the SU put on loads of really good events. Move in experience was easy, as staff were there who were very helpful and friendly.

5 January 2019

I had a great couple of weeks in Cardiff and the freshers events helped me to make friends and get to know the city. I wouldn't recommend buying a freshers wristband as there are so many other events going on and you can pick and choose which nights you want to go to- all in all I had a good experience but did manage to waste a fair amount of money!!

10 July 2018

Great move in experience, organised, with many leaflets and tips for students. Student wardens were very helpful and willing to help, as well as people in the student union. Many events to choose from, however not many non-drinking socials, seems like events were tailored to party people.

2 July 2018

Freshers week went on for 2 weeks and was full of things to do for the day as well as the night. You can definitely get away with not getting the wrist bands and paying on the door for the SU nights. Most freshers seem to have the Paper wrist band but again tickets are available at the door if you go early enough.

18 June 2018

Halls was great to meet new people since I knew no one coming to Cardiff, the groups on Facebook were very helpful finding my flatmates before we started so we all planned our nights out before we got there

15 June 2018

Lots of good events to choose from, tried out all the different went. Went out every day at night which I would recommend as it is a great chance to meet new people. I even met one girl on a night out who lived in the same accommodation as me but she hated her flat and we ended up meeting and she arranged to move into my flat which was great. Everyone is in the same position and I wish I wasn't as nervous as I was because everyone is so nice and it is so easy to make friends with your flat mates in the first week. I would say it would've been quite hard if I didn't drink alcohol so more events in the day time that do not involve alcohol such as water fights or BBQ's would be a good thing!

11 June 2018

I think freshers week is a difficult way to make friends as you get drunk and feel terrible the next morning and then your friends you went out with are awkward without the alcohol.

21 April 2018

The move in was fun, but little help was sent out before we arrived with regards to advice etc. There was lots going on in Freshers week, plenty of activities- but there was no need to buy the expensive wristbands that were advertised online. It was much cheaper to do things separately than planned activity weeks.

18 April 2018

There were too many different wrist bands available. Everyone bought different bands before freshers week so no one had the same event entry. I think freshers week is very lonely place for people who have just loved to university as there is nothing to do but get drunk which makes people more emotional.

4 April 2018

moving was cool.freshers was cool. events were cool but more varied genres of music people are cool . sweet as a nut

4 April 2018

The club nights were a bit of a rip off- SU ended up being the best place. The foam party fun, and the drink prices were good and low on the SU. Everythingwas a bit alcohol orientated, which is great a night but meant there was nothing to do in the day. Would be nice if there were more non-profit alcohol day time things.

3 April 2018

Standard but good craic Ripped off to travel into town from talybont halls as always, could do something for cheap travel in freshers Freshers fair was tidy with good offers plenty of free stuff , the prices in the Su were tidy, well organised nights out,

1 April 2018

It was amazing, drank loads, went to an event pretty much every day, would recommend staying drunk for the entire week to avoid hangover. Met loads of people, helped me get to know my flat l.

1 April 2018

It was confusing as we didn't know whether to buy tickets for SU events or the ones in town - I think the SU were better

30 March 2018

There were events on every night and although you were hounded into getting wristbands these were completely unneeded. The uni putting on the sports fair also made itb very easy to sign up for trials for the sports team you wanted to be on. Moving in was made easier by the Facebook chats set up before so you had a feel for some people before you joined. A tip would definitely to avoid a wristband.

28 March 2018

Moved into a small halls where most people were doing sciences of engineering so didn't meet many people that like to go out and stuff.

26 March 2018

Met some of the best people at some of the worst events would never buy any freshers tickets in advance was a mistake