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19 June 2018

The facilities with regards to the main campus, certainly could use improvement. Many of the buildings are made of cheap material and certainly won't last. The sports facilities also need improvement, with particular notice to the lack of sports fields. The student union does well to represent the views of most students and hold open fair elections. One thing that is lacking is the opportunity for careers services or advice. This is almost entirely exclusive to those in their final year and is not well advertised.

17 June 2018

I think the university is a great university which cares about its students. I studied a history degree and the lecturers were always willing to help and care about all their students. I think the university has great facilities, especially the library however it could do with having more copies of core books. The student union is good but is not as emphasised by the university as other universities.

17 June 2018

The campus was small and felt like a community, which appealed to me at first. However, after studying here I realised how the university was treating students. They started to charge us more per term, bribe new students with money and free computers, and facilities were worse than ever. None of the equipment was up to standard, things were broken and there were leaks in the ceiling. Lecturers were bored of their jobs and couldn’t be bothered to teach lessons. Due dates for assignments were wrong on handouts. The students were not treated fairly, there were many favourites that were given priority places in opportunity’s.

17 June 2018

The university itself and the campus is very good and very easy to access. Has brilliant facilities. Needs to work on organisation of lessons/lectures.

16 June 2018

Beautiful city , good facilities. The course studs a wide variety of topics and the lectures /tutors are very helpful . Lots of events run by student union and vibrant night life. Jobs though university available and positive atmosphere around uni campus . Would recommend going here to study a science course.

11 June 2018

I am on the Medway campus. A decent campus with a decent canteen. Library is large and you can order books in from the other campuses which is nice and the buildings are quite pretty. However, the uni can be a bit unsupportive, particularly with mental health issues which is a huge problem. This is mostly an issue on the Medway campus and I was unable to receive support in my second year which was very difficult for me. There is not a lot of social activities here, CCCU is very excluded from the activities of the other two unis on campus since we are no longer part of a joint union which the other two are. The gym on campus is small but generally pretty quiet so its not a problem. It is also very cheap. Though the other two unis get it cheaper than the CCCU students, of course!! I learnt a lot here. But if I had to do it again, I would probably look elsewhere. They are held in high regard for my particular course, but a more supportive university would have benefited me more.

9 June 2018

The uni campus is easy to get around due to its size and location. It is set just outside the town centre so town and food places are easily accessible. The library is also this way and it’s one of the best libraries ever! With 3 floors I don’t think there’s a book they don’t have. Students have access to computer and laptops to do their studies, tests and coursework. It’s a quiet peaceful place to get your head down and get on with your work. Lectures are also great. Lecturers are usually on time and a lot of info is shared at these times so it’s important to attend. The blackboard software is really useful too as it has everything you need for your course available 24/7 for you.

7 June 2018

Canterbury is a lovely city with loads to do. The campus itself is in a great location and feels quite historic. Good facilities overall, but I feel there could be better engagement with students. Other universities manage this better.

6 June 2018

My university is in a great location in the centre of Canterbury. The campus itself has many catering facilities and has recently introduced gender neutral toilets around some buildings on site. Parts of the campus itself is as old as the 1600's so has lots of history around it. The staff and students are extremely friendly and helpful towards each other and the facilities suit all courses perfectly with plenty of computers and laptops both on site and in the library (with more recently added).

6 June 2018

Course was good but felt like some of the tutors thought teaching was just reading from a PowerPoint, however I did have a couple tutors with good industry experience. The facilities were good and the campus was kept clean

6 June 2018

The campus is laid out so that everywhere is very easily accessible. There are very good career advice services that students can access at any time. The library is even 24/7!

4 June 2018

The campus is in a great, central location and the izone is really efficient and useful. The student union could host more events

3 June 2018

Some of the facilities could do with an upgrade and be taken better care of. My course is great but the lecturers do not always seem to care, they take forever to reply to emails, they read off the PowerPoint slides 90% of the time which for me seems pointless to turn up especially if they are recording the session anyway so you are not really missing anything, their voices are monotone, boring and to be honest it is hard not to fall asleep during the sessions. They give little assistance! The student union offers cheap food which is great! It is a chilled space for all walks of life, if you want a quiet drink you can do that, if you want an atmosphere go to quiz on a Sunday and drink, if you want cheap food - it's pretty good, if you want to watch sports they offer that on the projector screen too! The mental health team need reviewing and updating their training as they do very little to help and not enough to help.

30 April 2018

The campus is not the biggest one but it has plenty of rooms for lectures and free time of the students. Library is huge and modern, however during the exams and assessments periods there are not enough computers. Access to all the databases and internet on campus is perfect.

24 April 2018

Campus is lovely, however as it's so close to town there isn't much there except food court, bookshop and cafe. But then again it's a five minute walk away from the city centre so you don't need it!

24 April 2018

I’ve had a great experience at cccu, finishing 3 year very soon and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. Being at the broadstairs has been limiting for students because of the location but that hasn’t really bothered me. The campus is now moving to Canterbury so it’ll be a plus for new students for a better nightlife etc :-)

21 April 2018

Most tutors are supportive and welcoming. Good materials are given to support academic learning. The buildings are mordern and pleasing to the eye.

20 April 2018

Uni is great just needs to change its name to the Uni of Canterbury, also more available dates for sports teams trials as some people may miss them due to work

17 April 2018

Fantastic campus situated in the centre of Canterbury, only a short walk to the city centre and views of the cathedral from the campus.

11 April 2018

Uni itself is okay facilities and campus are great. Our Library is really great! only thing bothering me is that students are not that welcoming to the international students and since there is like 100 of us and i know name of like one persone, maybe it is also my fault partly, but still I feel left out.

11 April 2018

The overall experience at my five years at university would some up into the words: life changing. As an international student the country and the university provided me with guidance through my adult life and shaped me to who I am now. Moreover, with the the support from tutors I developed my academic knowledge throughout the years and got involved in many practical activies and projects which will help me find the dream career.

8 April 2018

There are a couple of things I’d like to mention about Christ church as a university. Firstly- the price of food in the cafe is ridiculous, I cannot compaire this to other university’s but I think £4 for 1 chicken wrap is ridiculous. Secondly is student support- where actually is the support?! During second year I suffered with severe depression causing me to move home and complete the year from my bed, my tutor was somewhat helpful giving me the exstentions I needed enabling me to actually finish the year, but other than that, no support was offered to me what so ever. However Christchurch similarly has a lot of positives, Christchurch is a small university meaning everyone knows one another and it’s like having a big extended family. The location of the university is close to everything & Canterbury as a mini city is beautiful. All the facilities are modern and the buildings are always clean and warm. The one thing the campus is lacking are sports facilities- while the university offers lots of sports most training sessions are off campus and at different centres, gyms, football fields as the campus doesn’t have these facilities- this does work though. The nightlife is okay, but come to third year and you are not excited by club chemistry anymore! The SU is great on a Wednesday if you’re in a sports team or a Sunday for big quiz, other than that, it’s dead.

7 April 2018

The university facilities are great, the library is new and the staff are very helpful. My course was fine art but sadly they don’t do it anymore but it was a nice, small, friendly course. Everyone at the uni is like a family and I think it’s due to the fact that there’s other universities around (aka Kent) which results in some friendly competition. The best moments at uni we’re definitly getting on the bus to club chemistry on a Wednesday and just having everyone chanting cccu songs. It always gave me goose bumps.

4 April 2018

Careeer services are amazing however the admin staff are really slow and rude. I study business with finance with is a lot however the tutors always give extra help when needed.