Canterbury Christ Church University

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Freshers' Fair


6 January 2019

An eventful week full of exciting activities to captivate your future endeavours. For first year students it is a great opportunity to see all aspects of student life, visiting freshers fayre; signing up to societies of your interest and meeting new people. For new students I would suggest attending the majority of the social drinking nights as this is an opportunity to socialise with new people and to experience life outside of your comfort zone.

Matt Podhora
6 January 2019

The freshers organised by Canterbury Christ Church's University union has been mind-blowing. The students could join communities, get help settling up and most importantly the parties where totally amazing. The union worked with local nightclubs and created themed events which were totally awesome. The support during the fresher's week and fresher's faire were also totally helpful. I have met many people joined societies and made life long friends.

8 July 2018

When I first found out I was going to Uni, I decided the first thing to do was to go and buy a classic freshers wristband to go out with free entry and a shot at each place etc. I assumed EVERYONE would be doing it. Boy was I wrong. Soon arrival into halls I found out barely no one had spent the money to get one. Despite this, a lot of us still went out most nights, to quirky events and quizzes that turned out to be a lot more fun than I was ever expecting. I just wish I didn’t fall into the fresher wristband trap. I met loads of people who were friendly and helpful (and drunk 80% of the time) and I ended up meeting my friends for life there too. I am quiet and not very sociable, but fresher week has events for every walk of life. Picnics, drinking, petting zoos, meet ups, walks. It had the lot so no one felt left out. It made me feel right at home in university.

5 July 2018

Lots of events going on in freshers week to keep you very. However don't get too exited over the bar crawls you pay for as there is allot of waiting around and the drinks given out are only sours. The day time events especially the food fair is worth going to!!

Hayley Reid
29 June 2018

On a freshers bar crawl around Canterbury, after several shots of vodka and tequila, and numerous bars, I was feeling cheeky and invincible and I stole a pineapple from a bar and took it to a club.

27 June 2018

The events were lit, we are quite far out from town tho so the walk was long but it was set out very well!

15 June 2018

Freshers week was amazing. Great opportunity to meet other students and get to know the area a little better throughout the day and into the nightlife. One of the best first experiences a student can endure when starting university.

30 April 2018

freshers week was enjoyable in canterbury,i met a lot of new people ,the atmosphere was so amazing,i loved it.

30 April 2018

Once I arrived I met some peers down the hall who were studying the same course. We went together to some freshers events and had fun. Gladly Freshers week offered more than just partying. We could join societies or register with the local gp.

14 April 2018

My advice would be to try and get invovled in as much different societies and opportunities that the university has on offer. If your struggling always remember that quite alot of the students you will meet are probably feeling similar.

7 April 2018

So good. The staff were so good and managed everyone really well but also made it fun. My birthday is in freshers week each year and is so good to celebrate. Totally rate it.

30 March 2018

Lots of job opportunities, freebies and a great friendly atmosphere to kick start the entry into university. Events are good and a nice way to introduce students to the area and to the university itself on a more social aspect