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Joining cheerleading was one of my best decisions at university social wise. It enabled me to make so many friends, way more friends than I would have done if I had not joined a sports team. Because of all the training you do, you spend a lot of time together along with any socials you have that week, they become more of your university family. I've definitely made life long friends. Joining a sports club also allows you to play competitive sports if that's something you're interested in, or just play the sport as something to do in your spare time for fun. It gives you a break from everyday uni life i.e. lectures, studying. Within my university, the sports teams were required to do charity work which will not only help the community or charities of your choice but also look good later on in life on your CV. You get to experience events within your university that sports teams are invited to such as the end of year sports federation ball at my uni, which was an awards show for every team. Universities tend to fund a lot of the resources if not all for sports teams, enabling you to compete to the highest standard with the best equipment. Overall, it's just an enjoyable experience that makes your university experience as a whole much better. You create many memories and can join multiple teams each year until you find the right one for you.


Even though I was new to cheer, I was welcomed with open arms! I have made some incredible friends and every single memory makes me laugh! I’ve learnt some new skills due to the patience and dedication of our coaches.