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6 January 2019

My university experience so far has been very eventful, I've met a lot of people who share the same interests not only in my course but through societies and events. My course is amazing and with help from lecturers, it's been a good start to the year, having a large course means you are never alone when you feel lost, someone will always share the same question as you and it's wonderful feeling knowing you're in good hands. The lecture rooms allow everyone to see wherever you sit which is a plus when having a very large group.

5 January 2019

I study Computer Science and the dedicated building for us has recently been upgraded with fresh new up to date technology. This is vital for the undergraduates to perform to their highest potenital. The uni also offers often career guidance with different organisations coming into to the university. So far my experience at university has been a good one which will hopefully continue.

5 January 2019

Brunel University is a top tier university. Its quality can only be realised to the student if the student takes full opportunity of what Brunel has to offer. The university is welll connected to transport making it easy to travel to central London and also just a 20 minute bus journey to Heathrow airport for the student keen to travel. Brunel have several different societies that are sure to meet your fancy whether you're into sports, baking, culture, dance or tech there's something for you. Brunel is very multicultural and inclusive of all, often recognising national and worldly recognised days as a reason to celebrate and decorate on campus. If you're away from home, Brunel making an effort for your campus experience to feel like a home away from home is the warm hug you need when you're feeling home sick.

5 January 2019

Brunel University takes care of it's student very much. For a university that's located in London, it provides such an excellent facilities for the students

5 January 2019

It's the best university. The staff union security everyone is very supportive. I enjoy my life here

5 January 2019

A very big campus and so much space. There are so many facilities and societies you can join. People are mostly friendly and helpful.

5 January 2019

They have an amazing campus and teachers as well. The teachers are very understanding and the mini histreet is amazing. There is a store which is a bit expensive howeverthe fresh fruit and vegetable market is my favorite. Locos is also a fun place and the restaurants are fun to go with your friends and there is halal chicken available on campus too

5 January 2019

Friendly very nice uni with a lot friendly staff and students. On campus is very lively there's always something to do such as eat and activities and the sports facilities are great I have really enjoyed my time at brunel it is great

5 January 2019

It's a very nice campus based uni. Most of the time you don't have to leave uni which is so handy. The town is like a 10 min walk way which is great. There Is coscutters and loads of other fast food places on campus which is super handy

5 January 2019

Diverse and lively campus. Most buildings are modern and the lecture rooms are a good size. I study psychology and we have access to a range of equipment e.g. EEG rooms. A wide range of societies and we have many services providing support for studies, wellbeing and finance. Overall, I enjoy my course as the lecturers make an effort to keep things interactive (a lot of seminars and lab sessions) and we have a decent amount of contact hours.

8 August 2018

The campus was beautiful with loads of food shops and grocery shops near by. There are banks and a cost cutter. The dedicated careers service is good and my experience at Brunel was a positive one! I wish I could go back.

17 June 2018

Brunel is absolutely brilliant for the quality of its teaching staff. They are all knowledgeable and dedicated, and they are clearly there because they have a vocation for teaching. The security and student services departments are amazing and their responses to issues are incredible.

10 June 2018

I love my uni, everyone is friendly and the environment is great. I love the fact that the campus is small because it makes it easier to meet people. My school are very helpful whether there is a need for one to one assistance of even job opportunities

6 June 2018

The University campus was like a small village community. You could get to everything and everyone within a 10 min radius. Amazing experience, felt like home!

5 June 2018

In terms of facilities are not willing to give necessary feedback. In terms of facilities, services and networking work gets a bit repetitive and boring. Some tutors are great, getting CV and networking work gets a very interesting around campus is relatively easy. It can be hard finding people to fit in with because it is always hosting around campus is relatively easy. It can be hard finding people to fit in with because it is always hosting around campus is relatively easy. It can be hard finding p

28 April 2018

It is an amazing university because it helps you develop all the skills you need. The teachers are thoughtful and understanding if you don’t know something and the staff helps you with any problem you encounter. Is a nice place, in uxbridge. The campus is like a student city where everything is made for us, the students!

12 April 2018

I really like my university. I study Occupational Therapy so I am in the Mary Seacole building the majority of seminars and it is lovely, airy, bright and clean. There are always enough computers available either in the library or the MRSC building. There are also quiet places to study or group rooms which are great. I love my course too. I feel it has all been very organised with loads of support available. If I have ever had a question, I know who to go to and I know they will always be helpful. I wouldn't want to choose another university or course. The only negative I would say is that the lecture halls need to be updated. The seats are so uncomfortable some of us bring cushions to stop us moving around so much. It becomes unbearable without one in a three hour lecture!

Iman Ali
18 March 2018

One of the greatest things about brunel university is that they really care and push you to get the best job. We have job shops and people who can read your cv and give you feed back. Also the university has great links to great companies, be sure to use that to your advantage.

17 March 2018

Great university with great staff and an awesome nightlife. Everyone is very friendly and is awesome. Campus looks amazing and up to date. Halls are all modern and look great.

16 March 2018

There are always new things going on around campus and several new restaurants/cafes and any that already exist have been recently renovated. The teaching services and utilities you are provided with on my course are extensive and of great quality.

8 March 2018

Attending Brunel was definitely 3 of the best years of my life - from the amazing supportive lecturers to the interactive and fascinating lectures to the lively Nightlife to the oncampus facilities (including a market on Tuesdays!!) everything was incredible!! Obviously working towards a degree is a great deal of hard work and stress but it was so worth it and I was in such a supportive environment I knew I could do it! If I had the chance I would do it all again - thank you Brunel!!!

22 January 2018

Campus is its own exclusive thing, everything is spaced out yet close by. There's lots on campus like shops, clubs and bars, food places, a bank, and accommodation is close by. Always stuff to do with sports clubs, societies, nightlife and so on.